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    Quote Originally Posted by CitizenErased View Post
    I meant the actual Politics subforum, but a Beasts subforum is not such a bad idea... kind of a tormenting Greek Underworld.. I wonder what kind of punishments would these Beasts make...

    - Messing with your MBTI until you don't know who you are anymore

    - Making you explain what Ni is over and over again until you lose consciousness

    - Make you pay one dollar every time you write Clinton, Trump, cancer, feminism, etc

    - Constantly interrupting you by telling you that you're wrong

    - Misinterpreting everything you say on purpose and accusing you of saying things you never said until you crawl to a corner and cry in fetal position

    - Intense mocking about your sexual orientation, religion, etc
    I am supporting these suggestions, girl you're brilliant!!
    I wish to figure out a way to virtually tickle them until they give up and start laughing and forget about the significance of these discussions :p
    Work for a cause not for Applause
    Live to express not to Impress

    6w7 > 1w2 > 4w3

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    Dear fruit flies circling those last two bananas in the kitchen,

    buzz off.
    "Love never needs time. But friendship always needs time. More and more and more time, up to long past midnight." -- The Crime of Captain Gahagan

    Please comment on my johari / nohari pages.
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    Dear Future Past and Present, New Forum Members:
    With 1st Post’s Seeking Advice On "How to Get a XXXX to Fall in Love",

    I have been thinking about you. I heard this song and it brought you to mind...


    ...I know that all the advice you got here was spot-on. I also know that it must have come as “bad news”. That you joined the site in hopes that typology would serve as an elixir.

    I don’t like giving bad news when I am not sure if the receiver has a bestie to vent to, or ice cream in the freezer, or a pet whose fur they can cry into

    I PROMISE you will survive this even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment. I felt that way once too

    You know what sucks more than loneliness? Being lonely in a relationship. Realizing 5 years down the road that the warning signs you ignored are deal-breakers. Seeing other people’s relationships and being jealous. Realizing that you actually CANNOT SETTLE for: lack of passion…or lacklustre enthusiasm…or lapses in open communication.

    It feels like you might be worried that you won’t be able to find anyone else?

    There are billions of options! Why spend even one more additional day in something that doesn’t fill you up?

    Gift YOURSELF to someone who will SAVOR you. The sparkles AND the dirty spots.

    Can you stay friends with Mr/Miss current? Awesome! Maybe you can dance with him at your wedding {to someone else}...or she can call you for advice when she’s in a pickle and wants another perspective from someone who "gets her".

    If not??? Gratitude for what was. Moments. Lessons learned for the next time.

    Go on road trips. Think of what made you happy when you were a child. Find what gives you that feeling now. If you feel unworthy or unattractive - do what you need to - that will lead to inner contentment BEFORE asking someone to share your life. Find people to laugh with.

    Live. Love.

    You deserve it.

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    Dear FBI employees,

    You're all fired. Get the fuck out.
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    dear rice why didn't i make you earlier this week to eat with the chili? you two were delicious and now my nose is running but worth it.
    *yodelling* AAAaaaaAAaaiiiiiiayyyyyyyy

    by @agentwashington
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    dear david duke,

    drink bleach. it will make you whiter.

    sincerely, floki.
    In challenge lies opportunity.
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    Dear ex-dom,

    You helped me through a really bad time in my life, and I will always be grateful for that. I'm doing a lot better now, and a part of me wishes you could see just how much I've improved. Honestly, looking back, I don't understand why you stayed as long as you did. I really doubt I would have, had the roles been reversed. I had some pretty serious emotional issues back then.
    Remember how you used to joke about turning me into a cynic? Well, life has sort of done that. At my age, things go from really easy to really difficult. A few things happened that opened my eyes, and I now realize that the world is not beautiful or compassionate, like I once thought. As a result, I've become much more opportunistic. You'd probably find it sort of amusing.
    You didn't always treat me as well as you should have, but we also had some really good times. I hope you're doing well.
    Previous username: EliaBlack
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    Dear INTJ mom.. I'm Not a robot..

    Thank you
    Work for a cause not for Applause
    Live to express not to Impress

    6w7 > 1w2 > 4w3

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    Dear headache,

    can you please go away or at least get strong enough that I can justify staying at home without feeling guilty?
    That medium level is nerve-racking.

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    Dear Vlad,

    Yes, it is important who does the hacking. Dick.
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