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Tell me about it.

"I love people! They are so interesting and complex and fascinating!... STOP INVADING MY SPACE... I want to know the deepest, most precious secrets of your heart!... If you keep on exhausting me with your bullshit I will death stare you to the ground... All I want is to be known for who I truly am *sighs* ... I SAID STOP INVADING MY SPACE!"

Sp/sx can be genuinely schizophrenic at times. But again I am glad that I am an introvert and a 9 which means that I keep my mood swings to myself instead of throwing it all out there and at the same time Fe gives me the ability to say the polite and gracious thing even though I might not feel like it on the inside.
Haha, I relate to this, though I'm not a 9 (I'm pretty sure! )

I'm INFJ 6w5 sp/sx.

I think I'm a more down-to-earth INFJ than I might be with a 4, 5 or 9 type. I think of myself as a romantic but very pragmatic/realistic at the same time, if that's possible. I find myself both cautious and fun-loving, which I think is quite a good way to be and quite appealing to a lot of people. I'm very loyal and not flighty in friendships and the like.

Honestly though I think it is a tough combination. I think INFJs tend towards paranoia due to those multiple Ni perspectives anyway, and 6 just exacerbates that. I'm prone to anxiety and phobias and gut-wrenching nervousness, as well as a loyalty and devotion which sometimes finds itself betrayed. All wrapped up under a very calm exterior which probably makes me look more like a 9 and which, more to the point, makes people think that I don't require any kind of gentle handling or (in the worst cases) that I don't have any feelings of my own.