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Thread: What would you do if the world ended next week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    After reading Tamske's post, I think I would rather spend the time alone or with like minded people. No need for stress and seriousness in my life on the last week.
    Sorry. I realize the thread was meant to be light-hearted. I just thought - well, I'm not going to let the earth down without a fight. And then I realized we have to fight now, too. Even if the destruction isn't spectacular and the fight isn't spectacular either. I would prefer(*) an alien invasion, too, complete with a heroic fight. Wouldn't you fight heroically if there's an alien invasion?

    Saving energy is a boring way to save the earth, but that's what's needed now. And I'm quite optimistic about our ability to save the earth. After all, we reduced nitrogen and sulphur emissions too, and made acid rain something from the past. Now it's carbon dioxide's turn.

    (*) in fiction.
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    I'd spend the days having loads of sex and drugs. As there can be no long term planning involved I might as well go for the immediate serotonin/dopamine/adrenaline rush.

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    The end of the world has been extended to October 21st.

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