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Thread: Bad Decisions

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    Default Bad Decisions

    While I make the effort to avoid 'bad' decisions, sometimes when I'm tired and have had a really busy productive day, I'll do something that makes me go . In a certain way it really devastates me - especially if it was potentially dangerous. Like today, I worked really hard the entire day since so much stuff has been piling up lately. One thing I did was paint a couple of end tables white outside. The paint was mostly dry, so I brought them in for the night not wanting them to get rained on or something. While carrying them in I noticed the paint looked kinda flat and remembered I have a spray can of clear top coat. I figured I'd just spray to shine it up, but still wanted to bring them in. So I took them into the storage room where the furnace is and gave them a quick spray. It then dawned on me how stupid that was. The spray paint is highly flammable and the furnace pilot light combined with the lack of ventilation could have been dangerous. I can't say I know how dangerous, but it's not a good idea anyway.

    Long story short - it takes so little negligence to do something really stupid and dangerous. Those are the moments when I wish I were more of a Sensor. It is so hard for me to focus instantaneously on all the concrete details that go into a scenario.

    So what kind of 'bad' decisions is your brain apt to make?
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    Quote Originally Posted by toonia View Post
    So what kind of 'bad' decisions is your brain apt to make?
    Constantly taking on more than I know I will be motivated to finish. Logically, I know that I can handle it - no problem! But in practise... I never ever seem able to motivate myself to finish these things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonia View Post
    Yeah, but that's the way you learn. From now on that situation will always stick out in your mind, and you may find yourself second-guessing a situation with any sort of spray substance involved, in cases where it would've never before crossed your mind. I don't think anyone comes with a subconscious understanding of consequences, so consider it a valuable life lesson!

    My bad decisions are numerous and often. No sense in acknowledging them at the present time.

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    I'm okay with bad decisions. Some of them might turn out to be good decisions in the future, so you never know. I love the dangerous, barely-escaping-death ones. I don't need to explain why. I think I'm done here..
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    holy shit am I a feeler?
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    I made one kinda similar myself, at just the same time yesterday.

    On leaving the office kinda late I realised I didnt have a hand free to lock the door on my way home (as I was going after the reception was no longer manned.. err womaned).

    Anyway, I had 6 files and a laptop. So I balanced the 6 files on a radiator, and the laptop on the 6 files. And ledged them on a wall heater while I locked the door.

    From behind me there was an almighty crash, and the sound of a laptop bag bouncing all the way down the stairs....


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