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Thread: Write a haiku to describe your type

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    I saw this on another forum. I thought it would be fun to try it here.

    To recap: A haiku has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the 2nd line, and 5 syllables in the third line.


    Who needs to party
    When you've got philosophy
    You need to think more

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome
    Awesome, Awesome

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    I don't got no type
    Bad bitches' only thing that I like
    You ain't got no life
    4w3 > 5w4 > 1w2

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    At my place we rather write sonetts:

    Mary took a glimpse at her Past so far
    While she stand in the Dragons mouth at a teeth ajar
    She saw the souls, tormented, teared-apart and driven out of space
    Vanished in mists of smoke coming from the burned bodies of a dead race

    Over thousands of corpses Mary saw a burned child in mothers arms afar
    That ended with a smile for its mothers eyes, proud like a priest in his talar
    While Mary roamed all the years in the shape of the dragon - the protective maze
    The Dragon apocalypticated the world at its own will - a tear ran down Marys face

    Marys mourning turned against her Dragons being
    And she jumped out the Dragons mouth propelled by anger and fear
    She ran along the cemetry, the burned ground with a screaming

    Her groundskeeper noticed the deception, roared and began to stir
    To catch Mary with his Grim Reapers breath, her of her life depriving
    While Marys soul joined the mists of fear, the Dragon roared left alone with nobody near
    Johari / Nohari

    "How dreadful!" cried Lord Henry. "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."
    ~ Oscar Wilde - The picture of Dorian Gray

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