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Thread: You don't need religion to have morals

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    Morality is based on the personal desire to not be hurt or to feel discomfort, and ultimately to not die. Morality is selfish.

    It evolved because we were clever enough to understand that we could help each other achieve personal comfort and a better chance of avoiding death, if we worked together. In order to work together and protect us from the dangers of life, we found new dangers in each other, and thus morality was born.
    Our own survival has always been the basis of morality.

    Just my thoughts ..

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    You also don't need morals to have religion.

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    B..B.. Blood for the blood god?

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    I'd need to question what "moral" means in the context of being a good person in society. If by moral one is respectful of others and their well-being, where did the idea of respect come from? If moral is one who obeys the law, do they obey all laws? Morality is so difficult for me to understand, not because I'm immoral (I'm a very "ethical" atheist), but because I don't think there's a set definition on what morality is or how to trace why some things are moral and others are not, and therefore it's not possible to say I agree or disagree. It depends on your position in the world and the agenda you follow. Killing people can be beneficial to you, but it inconveniences their families. A moral person would not kill others because there's compassion and empathy keeping them from doing it. Not a book. Religions found an effective way to appeal to a mass audience's emotional needs for a higher being and propagate their thoughts on proper conduct and behavior, but I'm going to go a step further and make up my mind and and say no, you don't need religion to have morals. In fact, not having one makes you a little more moral than thoroughly and literally reading the Christian bible front to back.

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    As I see it, morality is based on our ability to empathize (which is why those who are born without empathy, ie. sociopaths, are amoral and will do amoral things as long as they can get away with it). There is absolutely an evolutionary function for empathy, to be able to understand, feel for and work with others. Without it, nothing would ever get done. Maybe this is why our politics is so stagnant nowadays; empathy on college campuses, according to TIME magazine, is declining.

    By eliminating the role of God in empathy this way, the only role he has left is to create the universe, and this is basically what my god is reduced to. He does not have to be omniscient, omnipotent or even benevolent in any way or have any human characteristics. He does not even have to be conscious. He's loosely defined as the prime mover, or the ultimate catalyst that triggered our big bang. He could have vanished in a puff of illogic for all the universe is concerned. He only had to exist at some point and have nothing to do with us; it's arrogant for us to think we have something to do with the ultimate being in the universe. I don't know whether God exists, but in this sense, even if he does, he's irrelevant. So in effect, I don't give a shit whether he does.

    Just because we're the top dog on this planet doesn't mean there aren't beings somewhere out there much more intelligent, even much more moral and perfect and it's somehow mind-blowing that in our opinion, the only being higher than humans is God. In our gradient of perfection, it seems, that we're only the next step down from all-perfect (ie. God) and the most perfect being somehow cares about us, at least in certain theologies - that's just a very egocentric belief. It's like being the most lethal bacteria on a grain of sand on the beach and proceed to proclaim that there is nothing more perfect than this bacteria in an entire ocean, save Poseidon. We have never seen the ocean!
    "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." - Oscar Wilde

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