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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbone View Post
    If a dog is smelly, misbehaves, jumps on people, barks when they should be silent, isn't housebroken, etc., look to the owner--not the dog. It's unfortunate that this causes a lot of dislike for the animal.
    True, although there are breeds that require a lot more training since they're naturally aggressive. And puppy mill dogs are badly bred and then abused. Puppy mills are a disgusting business.

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    I'm not really a pet fan. I find dogs to be on the dirty side, and people who let them lick their face and teeth are disturbing. Also animal fanatics creep me out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    CRAP, I voted wrong in the poll because I expected "I like dogs" to be the top option. I love dogs. Dogs make this world a more tolerable place.
    Too bad. I wish you actually agreed with me... but I guess I'll just have to settle for the satisfaction of having tricked you by setting up the poll in an unexpected way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dali View Post
    I like dogs... from a distance but that's due to my religious scruples. I think they're adorable but, in my religion, we consider their saliva unclean and, for that reason, I often tell dog-owners to keep their pets at a distance from me. If it's someone I know won't understand and/or I'm not in the mood to explain, I just mention that I'm allergic.
    It IS unclean! Whoever wrote that rule into your religion was a genius. I only wish more people thought that way about dog saliva. Hehe.

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    I completely agree with you. Dogs gross the hell out of me. I'm NEVER getting a dog.

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    If you don't like dogs, it's probably because you've never had them cooked properly.

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    I wuv dogs

    They're so playful and energetic and fun and cuddly and awesome!

    And to those who disagree, how can you hate this:

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    If you keep your dog in a dirty place, he will be dirty. If you don't bathe him, he will be dirty. If you don't walk him and teach him a routine, he will poop in your house. It all comes down to you! If you have unclean habits, they will carry over to your pet.

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    I really don't like dogs, to be honest. They are filthy, stupid, foul-smelling, noisy and submissive.
    A house with a dog in it smells like dirty underwear and bad breath. Charming.
    It's so painfully obvious that the owners keep them as some sort of surrogate for real children most of the time.
    Besides, you have to constantly walk them, feed them, find someone to take care of it if you want to go somewhere...
    It's just so limiting and unnecessary. Oh and... Did I mention filthy?

    Edit: besides that, a lot of people are allergic and you instantly keep them out of your life by having those creatures around.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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    I got run over by a dog that was double my size when I was 3, since that day I always had a lot of respect before dogs. Dogs noticed I was afraid and always barked at me, it was annoying, everywhere I was going the dogs seemed to be only waiting for me and it was kinda embarassing in public. Then one day there was a dog walking freely on the street and when he saw me he somehow started to run and came barking towards me. I was fraid like shit but I did what I learned and stand my ground and mspoke with a soft voice to him when he approached. He then suddenly calmed down in an instant and I could even touch him.

    That event changed my attitude towards dogs, I figured if you show them who is the boss with a quick directive approach they are very obedient. Well I am not really the guy who likes to command a dog around all day but where I am coming from there are a lot of dogs and somehow growing up with so many dogs made me like them. I could imagine that if I was single I would probably have a dog, one with a loyal character not a rebellious one. Sitting in a chair at evenings with a Scotch and cigar and the dog lieing at your side has a kinda romantic notion to me .

    Only thing that keeps me from having a dog is the amount of care you need to give him. Like going out 5 times a day to have him pee and such, cat's are far more easier to handle that way. Since I am very busy with life at the moment a dog wouldnt be an option, but I dunno maybe with age or maybe m,y kids do want one some day . I am not saying no

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    I love dogs.

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