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Thread: What were you like as a child?

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    I think I've posted here before. But: A moody little shit who alternated between attacking other kids and waving bladed objects around to being completely closed off and unreactive or communicative.

    I was a nasty kid with nothing to recommend. My mum said she had to fight in order to get me invited to parties and the like because other parents didn't want me there, which is understandable.
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    I was an outgoing kid. Loved sports and video games. Had a lot of friends in grade school that I played with every day. Great sense of humor. Always tried making people laugh. More withdrawn in middle school and early high school, though. Very ISTP-like. More distant emotionally and sarcastic. Did a lot of solitary activities, like reading comics and riding my BMX bike --- maybe a way of developing secondary Ti? Took up martial arts around this time, too.

    Did "okay" in school. Usually did well enough to keep a B average. Never failed a class, but never got straight A's either. Stayed out of major trouble for the most part. Got into one fight. Didn't start it, but was the one to end it.

    One of my best friends died of cancer when I was 15. That shook me up and changed my whole outlook on life. Made me think about how precious life was and how I was treating others. I crawled out of my shell and started being social again. Little by little the upbeat kid in me found his way back out. Started playing sports again, made new friends, went to more parties, etc. Really enjoyed my last two years of high school.
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