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Thread: What were you like as a child?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    happy, silly, playful, off in my own imaginary world, very easy for my parents, creative, loved people but sorta shy too.
    Lady X the thread title is 'what were you as a child' not 'what are you now' .

    Meant that as a compliment you should know .

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    Haha yeah I guess I haven't changed much. I do play with Barbies less tho
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    My parents have said this several times: "You always knew what you wanted." Maybe it's true or maybe compared to my siblings anyway.

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    And do you think you acted the opposite or relatively the same as you do now? looking back could you see how you ended up being the type you are today? or does it not fit?
    I was fearful, conscientious, very shy, uncertain, curious, a daydreamer, creative, sensitive, aloof, unusually observant of others, responsible, bookwormy, and peace-keeping. I was often called "bookworm" or "worry-wart." I was the eldest for most of my childhood till stepbrother came along, so I was definitely the shepherd of the little brothers. And I had what I'll call a "switch." If something that I perceived to be a great injustice was going down, on the playground or at home, I would become highly defiant and argumentative, which always came as a great surprise to myself and others.

    As I grew, so did this sense of right/wrong, fearlessness, and independence. I am a happier adult than I was as a child. It's hard to know how much was personality-based, how much was due to an abusive childhood, and how much those two things are interrelated. Developing objective analysis and the ability to enjoy the present (Ti+Se?) made life a lot more stable and less me-centered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    My parents have said this several times: "You always knew what you wanted." Maybe it's true or maybe compared to my siblings anyway.
    And to add a note since I just read highlander's post, I was unusually focused, also. I wanted to be a writer/poet by 9 years old and at 30 years old, I feel the exact same way.

    IJ thing? Dunno.
    "There is no god; there is only us. Savage and fragile."

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    I have a hard time remembering. Does that mean I am officially old?

    Supposedly, when I was a toddler, there were a couple of times I would get really angry over little things. My aunt even has a tape of me throwing long long tantrum over something none of us remember. Another aunt of mine remembers me getting upset at her for making a mess on the porch (which is really funny because she is really neat and organized, and I am...not). I think these were aberrations, however. I do, still, sometimes get really angry over some things from time to time (we are talking like once in several years, maybe). Usually, these are in situations where I think people are willfully being disrespectful to someone (At least one of the times, I didn't know the whole situation, and was very much in the wrong for chastising the person).

    Apparently, I also asked funny questions. One that many of my relatives bring up is: "If there is fourteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, why isn't it oneteen, twoteen, threeteen, and fiveteen?" The other common one relatives bring up involved local geography, and would only be funny to those familiar with both U.S. and Indian geography. This trait, if you want to call it Ti-Ne, is still with me. I always wonder about patterns, why they exist in some places, and why they don't exist in others.

    Overall, throughout most of the childhood that I remember I was generally a very calm and reserved person. People generally described me as "calm" or sometimes as "stoic". Other kids said they liked me because of my "attitude." Some others thought I was mute.

    I was also generally considered "responsible". My mom apparently told people that I essentially raised myself.

    Several of my aunts and uncles also remember me as "clever" and "intelligent".

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    Oh, I forgot to add... I was kind of a "teacher's pet", and adults were often pleased with my intelligence. I also used to play the keyboard and took tennis and paddle classes.
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    I used to have a lot of collections. Pokemon pogs, The Mask pogs, pokemon cards, soccer cards, etc. I loved gambling with those, and I was pretty good - I once managed to earn 5 collections of the same variety of soccer cards.
    I used to be a hardcore video game junkie. I wasn't social at all. I just didn't care about people - my video games were much more fun. Otoh, they were useful for collective sports, which was appreciated. I used to love soccer. Although I wasn't very skilled, I knew very well how to put myself in a position to score.
    I wasn't a dedicated student - I hated school homework. My grades were usually pretty good, but nothing spectacular, as they have never been my priority. I was usually the quietest kid in the classroom. Which wasn't so much of a good thing, because this also means I didn't participate unless I was forced to.
    Don't know what people really thought of me... I didn't care enough to notice. I was well behaved and intelligent, but pretty lazy.

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    "oversensitive and distractible" are probably the two words that sum it up best.
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    Not much different than I am now except I was more of a true ESFP than I am now. Life makes you change.

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