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    Is there a "trick" or something to deal with low energy level ? I feel tired nearly 100% of the time, even when I don't lack of sleep.

    I have to fulfil my duties, but I always feel tired. Then I tend to fulfil them... but badly. For example, it takes me 1 hour to do some homework that seems to need 20-30 minutes, I tend to "diagonal" reading, and I postpone everything I must do to the very last moment (procrastination).

    If you have some tricks, I'm glad to acknowledge them. I'm not desperate though.
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    Here are some of the causes of sluggishness:

    1) Diet is of great importance. With all the pesticides and chemicals in our food today and nutrient deficient soil, it can be difficult to get the nutrients we need to live a healthy life. It is possible to regain good health by changing your diet to eating organic foods that include eating more raw fruits and vegetables and less cooked food and sugar products. You may want to consider good supplements to obtain nutrients you might not otherwise get. You may argue that organic food is so expensive, but consider this; you may save a few bucks on cheaper packaged food that may be loaded with preservatives, nitrates etc., but what is your health worth? How long do you expect your body to function correctly if you put degraded fuel into it? You’ve seen what it can do to a car. It is also so with your body. If you take a close look at healthy looking celebrities that are trim and fit, they have a secret you don’t. Being that their income is dependent on their personality and good looks they are forced to forgo the usual diets of the average American. They work out, eat smaller portions and include a lot more raw foods, plus they drink a lot of water and this brings up the next subject.

    2) Dehydration! About 80% of Americans are semi dehydrated and don’t even know it. Without this precious liquid, our bodies (which are 2/3rds water) cannot function right. Dehydration alone can make you sluggish. If you are dehydrated, that means that the water level in your body is below normal for proper function. The handling for this is to increase your fluid intake. The best is just pure water, about 8 cups per day. If drinking that much water seems too difficult you can up your water intake with green or herbal teas. These teas have a beneficial effect in that as well as increased water in-take, they also provide anti-oxidents which help your immune system. So drink up and feel better.

    3) Through poor diet, lack of exercise, viruses, bacteria and parasites, digestive problems can occur. Here we have a whole host of problems to deal with. If your body is toxic then your liver and kidneys may be on overload. You can handle a lot of this with a liver and kidney cleanse.

    Parasites are generally not talked about but may be a bigger problem then previously realized. Parasites can reside in any major organ of the body and cause more problems than just sluggishness. Handle parasite infestation first, possibly using a herbal solution found at your local health food store, followed by a kidney cleanse, and then a liver and colon cleanse. This is a course recommended by Dr Hulda Clark. There are many different cleanses you can do and to find the one that is right for you, go online and type in liver or kidney cleanse and carefully check out what is right for you.

    4) Other ways to detoxify are fasting and enemas. Fasting is a centuries old natural healing technique that works very well when done properly. Coffee or lemon enemas are great for cleaning out the colon from old and impacted feces. Certain herbs can also be helpful in cleansing the colon such as cascara sagrada (in moderation), aloe vera, flaxseed and red raspberry. Get plenty of fiber (with lots of water). This helps to keep you regular. An over toxic colon can eventually put impurities into the bloodstream and this will definitely make you feel sluggish.

    5) There has been a lot of controversy over the years about too much mercury in your teeth. A dentist once told me that if you look inside your mouth, the fillings that you have may look smooth on the outside but if you could look on the underside of the filling it is quite a different story. It looks very jagged and the metals may be leaking into your system. Mercury in the system is the most toxic non-radioactive metal in the body and about half of the silver fillings are mercury. A variety of heath problems can occur such as brain, kidney and lung damage and has even been linked to autism. You can be tested for metal toxicity through hair and urine analysis. If you test positive, you may want to consider having them removed and replaced with gold fillings. Even after replacement though it can take the body months to excrete these toxins. Do your research and find a dentist with an excellent reputation who has done replacement fillings. (For an interesting tidbit, a friend told me his mother had suffered headaches for 20 years and after having all the fillings replaced, she no longer had headaches).

    6) A relatively new technology has come out for detoxing the body and that is with an ionic footbath. You place your feet into a tub of warm water with a bit of sea salt in it. The ionic footbaths work by sending a small current that goes in a circuit through the body and generates positively charged ions. The high concentration of the ion field attaches to the negatively charged toxins neutralizing them and the body is then able to discard them through the approximate 2000 pores that are on the bottom of your feet. You can then experience the correct acid-alkaline ph balance as nature intended. It’s painless and takes about 30 minutes. The water will change color according to the toxicity of the body and also by how hard or soft the water is where ever you are geographically. Black or brown water is the liver detoxing, Orange; the joints, Dark green; the gallbladder, Yellowy green; kidneys, urinary tract, White foam; Lymph nodes draining Red flecks; blood clot material, Black flecks; heavy metals. Independent studies have been done that show the levels of mucus, heavy metals and fat in the water after 30 minutes.

    As you can see there are many things you can do to help take away that sluggish and fatigued feeling. But as always, consult your health care practitioner before doing any detoxification program.

    "Nothing in this article makes any claim to offer cures or treatment of any disease or illness. If you are sick please consult with your doctor."

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    Could be a diet/health issue.... could also be psychological. Are you getting bored with your duties? Getting sick of doing something even though you know they have to be completely can be draining. Maybe taking a break and finding some free time to do something different can help.

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    There have been numerous posts about thyroid function on the forum. Low thyroid could be affecting your energy level.

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    I was going to say diet, but everyone else has said that.

    So, uh... drugs. You're either doing too much or not nearly enough. Its crucial to be moderate with your drugs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mort Belfry View Post
    I was going to say diet, but everyone else has said that.

    So, uh... drugs. You're either doing too much or not nearly enough. Its crucial to be moderate with your drugs.
    I don't take drugs, but I like alcohol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by machintruc View Post
    Is there a "trick" or something to deal with low energy level ? I feel tired nearly 100% of the time, even when I don't lack of sleep.
    I am assuming you've already been to the doctor and got a check up to look for a reason for the fatigue.

    If there is a trick I haven't found it, except so called agressive rest, which means forcing one's self to sleep and rest more before times when energy will be most needed. I have tried a lot of things and found very little relief. B vitamins help a little but too much will cause me to have rapid heart beat and shakes so I have to watch the amount. Eating high protien early in the day seems to help me some as does taking magnesium supplements. But honestly it doesn't work a miracle.

    You might look this over and see if it fits or not.

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