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    Can't meditate either through yoga poses. What works for me is to be somewhere that's optimally serene, particularly near rivers. It has to be somewhere that has an ever-abiding environmental feel to it. This way, the external serenity makes every human concern meaningless, putting life back into perspective. It's like a sense of double-vision where you're pulling in the outside to dampen insides, always aware of both but being wide open to the experience.

    Beyond that, with daily city living, physical activity to burn off copious amounts of excess energy. The mind never stops revving. It can be crazy making!

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    Yoga is definitaly calming.

    Here's a scientific take on what's happening:

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    First off, I try to cut down on spaz foods such as sugar, caffeine, excessive carbs, etc. It's pretty hard to feel peaceful with your heart racing from a sugar high. Then I sit in a calm environment (sometimes just the bedroom with a fan blowing) and try to empty my thoughts. I try my best not to allow anything in for a predetermined period of time while focusing on some aspect of what's right in front of me. After about 10 minutes of this, assuming I'm successful at focusing, I feel pretty calm, peaceful and refreshed. Then I immediately spaz again... ok, I try to at least keep it all away for a while...
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    The villian's scheme in the James Bond movie Moonraker seemed to be a pretty good idea as long as they allow people who wear glasses to live (especially Jaws' girlfriend)

    Also Indica and Pilates
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
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    Toned down indie music (Cat Power / Emily Haines / Bat For Lashes- etc).
    Going for a drive or a walk.
    Exercising and Yoga.
    Talking with someone important to me.
    Some aspect of nature- the ocean at night does this for me.
    lol My process of eating oranges/tangerines/etc - combination of how long I take to nitpick at them and the aromatherapy of the citrus.
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    I rarely have to achieve peace, it's with me 95% of the time. u jelly?

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    I've escaped reality a long time with movies and music, finding back so then into reality or finding something in reality that intrests me again was ultimatively difficult. Now I find peace with my girlfriend and she is the one that makes life intresting for me at all. She's my peace now and my point of refugee.

    If I want to ease my mind from a troubled day I still do it with music and movies. It's just a bitch if you even as a child couldnt be entertained by a book that at least hasnt had one nice picture in it


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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    The most calm I usually feel is when I am completely spent physically. I remember I spent one day just moving. Boxes and boxes. Flights of stairs. Neverending. Then I sat down and just felt so damn peaceful. I about melted into my seat. I wish I could summon that again.
    Try cycling with some uphill time. Does the trick for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    It makes sense that we might get some benefit from focusing on the basics of life. It doesn't help that I have a lot of idle time and my work is very cerebral and I work alone. I often think I might be happier if I were working with people somehow. Directly and face to face. When I consider the times when I felt most at peace it was during times like you describe, in nature with other people doing really basic shit.
    It's unlikely anyone here pays enough attention to me to notice, but I apologize in advance if I seem a bit "one-note" lately. I'm reading/meditating on the subject of creative concentration as of late, so it may be like I have a hammer and every topic someone posts on life dissatisfaction is appearing as a nail to me right now. Basically, I just wanted to ask if you still have your creative outlets. How do they make you feel these days?

    I can say that I remember a time when I felt very peaceful and secure which was when my days were very active with school and work, I had good friends who were close, we were relying on each other a great deal. Plus I was in a very dynamic environment that challenged me on all different fronts. Life took on a sense of adventure.

    But that doesn't really answer what you want to know.

    So, I'll tell you about another place and time, when I was not challenged, I was painfully stagnating, and to make things worse I was trapped in a very poisonous, inescapable psycho-drama that was wreaking havoc on my sensitive, harmony-loving nature. I live next to a mountain, and taking walks on it helped. But what I really threw myself into was folding paper. The kind of origami that is called unit origami, usually comprised of making the same shape over and over, and finally assembling all the units and all the connector pieces into one beautiful, complex formation. Just sitting there, moving my hands, making repeated clean, precise folds on small pieces of paper. I didn't sit there and contemplate what I was going through, or the psyches of the people I was dealing with, or the possible futures or outcomes or contingencies (all these things being my habit). My brain went on no-channel. There was only the movement and the action. I did this every night, I didn't talk to anyone, listen or look at anything. Folding the paper was what mattered. I assembled them, too, although that can be slightly frustrating because it can be like a puzzle in 3-D. But I assembled them to get the units out of the way, so I could make more. I gave the finished products away to people who were nice to me. I gave them away without any real reason and without any pride. I didn't care about keeping them one bit. It wasn't about the interesting polyhedron formation or the pretty paper or the presentation to another person. It was the process of folding paper that I was getting something out of. It was putting me in a state of mind. I wasn't waiting for a zen state of mind to do something, I got [myself, my mind] behind an action and the state of mind followed along. Someone might have judged what I was doing as a weird waste of time. I'm not sure if it helped change anything about the way I handled the crisis I was in. But that did not matter. What mattered was me being in that state of mind. Doing this was not a way out, it was a way in.

    People are good, of course, loving people around you can help when you are feeling lost. And maybe this is purely an introvert thing, but sometimes they simply cannot. No matter how dear they are to you, or you to them. People can't always get me out of my head, I can't expect them to be the answer for me all the time. I know this quote seems emo and grim and so forever alone, but sometimes it fits:
    There was a door
    And I could not open it. I could not touch the handle.
    Why could I not walk out of my prison?
    What is hell? Hell is oneself,
    Hell is alone, the other figures in it
    Merely projections. There is nothing to escape from
    And nothing to escape to. One is always alone.
    T.S. Eliot
    and those times when that fits are the times that we have to find a way in, rather than out. I hope this makes some kind of sense. I hope this relates to what you were asking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spamtar View Post
    Also Indica and Pilates
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