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Thread: what core subjecs would you have in school?

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    I'm assuming "core" subjects means the curriculum courses you have to attend until the last few years of education. I think the school core subjects are sufficient as they are now, which is Mathematics and English/Literature. All subjects should be on the schedule for the first few years of secondary school (idk wtf it is in America, Middle school?) to introduce the students.

    The only exception I would make is Gym class. I know many teens are overweight but the only thing that class did for me was discourage me in partaking in any sport. Schools should make kids aware of the opportunities of sports outside of school, but should not be forced to do it in school. Unfortunately this won't change anytime soon. The rule changed in my whereabouts during my last years of school. I really needed the time to study, but no, have to go to gym class. Most people didn't turn up or got lectured after getting caught trying to skip it.

    Another thing, students should really be taught the ways of money, and not through presentations that put you to sleep by visitors, but just the usual class teachings. I left school without having a clue how to pay bills and pension saving, or how to obtain my funding at universities, and my parents weren't wise enough to inform me themselves just because they had a simple and very non academic lifestyle.
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    The study of science alone is more than sufficient, since it involves everything else:

    1. math, for data analysis and calculations
    2. reading, to understand what we know on a given topic to date
    3. writing, to document observations, experiments, and results
    4. social studies/history, to understand what has come before, the social impact of scientific results, and motivations for choosing one research topic over another
    5. shop/computer/technical courses, to help with constructing and using experimental apparatuses and test equipment

    The only significant thing missing is foreign languages, which aren't quite as necessary for English speakers as English has become the language of most scientific discourse, but it still has value in helping us learn to understand and communicate better with colleagues around the world. Occasionally it is helpful in reading non-English references that have not been translated.
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    to best honest, i believe that by the time students graduate from high school, they should have taken classes in general finance and critical thinking.

    reading, english, and social studies are essential.

    coding / computing is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful tools, and i think newer generations will struggle to compete unless they're introduced to information technology courses early on.
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    I find it strange that so few people have mentioned art as a core subject. If no one studied art, what would you hang on your walls? Who would you watch on TV and in movies? Who would sing or play the music you love to listen to? Who would design your buildings? Who would make the graphics for the video games you play? Who would write the novels you read? Who would make the pictures in children's books?
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