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Thread: Where Have All The MEN Gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by InvisibleJim View Post
    Someone's been reading the way of the superior man
    No, someone listened to The Way of The Superior Man.

    A couple years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefeater View Post
    Absolutely. The archetypal 50's man was emotionless and detached... probably because of war.

    We don't want to go back to that.

    I remember watching a sports show this summer that was plugging the expendables and they claimed that Sylvester stalone was the epitome of masculinity... completely emotionless.
    Actually, Stallone is a good balance (voice and appearance aside). He wrote Rocky. That shit made me cry.

    I think he's an ESFP actually. Some of his characters lack emotion, but he's said Rocky was close to him.. and voiced the kind of things Stallone wished he could say more often... but is too embarrassed to.

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    They're playing hide and seek.
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    Where have they gone? I do so love how often people put their desires in the past tense. Once upon a time, things must have been better, right? An odd assumption. I wonder why it's so common.

    I have a question that's sort of a variation of the OP's. Have their ever been more than a handful of women that weren't looking for guys like the ones the OP describes?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    And this...

    I'm 27, and I can easily count on one hand the number of women my age who actually know how to cook (and it's not due to lack of knowing many women).
    But I know how to cook, sugar!

    Wait. Shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    In the 60s, we swung to level 2: men embraced their feminine, and women embraced their masculine. Men grew long hair, abandoned their responsibilities, and learned to let go and dance; women left home, burned their bras, and started voicing their opinions in what was previously the realm of men.
    To my knowledge, bra burning never actually happened.

    Anyhow, it seems to me that out of the sixties, there was a much bigger change to how women lived and behaved than there was to men. And after all, feminism was largely self-help, and women were the gender at the disadvantage. It would be reasonable if there was a mentality of not fixing what isn't broken amongst a lot of the men who enjoyed the advantage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    Now what we need is a swing back, to level 3: men neeed to reclaim their masculine, and women reclaim their feminine. It's not a going-back to the 50s, but a newfound ability to master both the masculine and feminine within ourselves, and to use them how we so choose.

    What you're essentially complaining about is level 2 men.

    Well, as Outsider and I pointed to: there's plenty to complain about when it comes to level 2 women.
    If I can get past a lot of the prototypical ideas here that tend to nauseate me, it sounds like you're saying people should be capable of acting in ways traditionally considered feminine or masculine as they so need, in which case I essentially agree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Kat View Post
    They're playing hide and seek.
    This brings to mind those cartoon men who can turn sideways to hide behind saplings!

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    I think the last two available real men moved in together and opened a hair salon in Sausalito.

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    I find it ironic that women complain about "real men" disappearing when they were the ones who wanted it.

    We are still around though.
    You lose.


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    I find 'real men' ludicrous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    Actually, Stallone is a good balance (voice and appearance aside). He wrote Rocky. That shit made me cry.
    Yeah i think I misquoted them... they said that stalone's character was the epitome of masculinity.

    Sometimes I have a hard time believing that stalone wrote rocky... just like i have a hard time believing affleck wrote good will hunting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    I find 'real men' ludicrous.
    You're very good at riducle, it seems... but not so good at taking any kind of stand, so far as I'm aware.

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