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Thread: Least Favorite Core Subject

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    For me, science is at its best when there is intellectual ambiguity. Unfortunately, most scientists (and science teachers) seem to take their theories and hypotheses as facts written in stone.
    Replying late, but I wanted to say that 'real' scientists don't (or shouldn't, generally) do this, although it's the easier (and maybe best) way to teach basic science background in high school. There's a lot of ambiguity in the actual science (at least in my area)'s just that you have to understand the basics before you can get into the interesting stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    Replying late, but I wanted to say that 'real' scientists don't (or shouldn't, generally) do this, although it's the easier (and maybe best) way to teach basic science background in high school. There's a lot of ambiguity in the actual science (at least in my area)'s just that you have to understand the basics before you can get into the interesting stuff.
    Yeah, I understand. Maybe it's just the science teachers I've been around (mostly high school teachers). But now that I think of it, I took a biology class (was a requirement) in college (though I didn't do well in it), and the teacher tended to think in "maybes," and so wasn't usually definite in the realm of scientific theories. I just hated doing all the lab work, not because dissecting was gross (that part was kinda fun), but I had to observe and record facts -- stuff which I'm impatient with unless it's directly associated with my given interest (which vary from time to time).

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    Math > Science (physics; astronomy) > English > Science (chemistry; biology) > History

    I haven't gotten this vibe on this forum, but I have elsewhere: People seem to think that all Feeling types, particularly NFs, hate math and science of any kind. That has not been the case in my experience at all. I, for one, like those subjects overall (I hate being graded down for things that are subjective), and when I was in high school most of the people in the AP math and science classes were INFPs and ENFPs. You might expect more NTs, but they tended to either be history buffs or just shun the concept of school altogether.

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    ^shall take formation.


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    I love reading, but English courses tended to be so incredibly boring. Very few things we ever read were much good. The ones that were good I had read already more often than not. Discussion tended to be hollow and repetitive between works being discussed.

    History is clearly the best thing. Once you're doing history you can generally explore any other subject while adding substance to the thing. Just regurgitating facts is lame most of the time.

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    Overall I prefer science > math > history > English

    I like science because it engages my Ti and get to find out the how and why the world works as it does. It engages my curiosity.

    Math is second. I hated doing proofs and calculus wasn't much fun. I liked probability and statistics the best and algebra and geometry were alright.

    History is third. Sometimes it was interesting but too often it was about memorizing names and dates. Also the emphasis seemed to be on things like war and battles which never interested me that much. I was more interested in the cultural aspects- what was life really like for the people back then?

    English is last. Several reasons for this. I just want to be able to say what I want to say without always having to worry about it being grammatically correct. I understand the importance of good grammar but it always seemed like my English teachers were overly nitpicky about it. I didn't like the literature part of it either. I didn't like being told that I had to a read a book that I had no interest in reading. I'm an avid reader now and read some classics for fun but that wasn't until several years after graduating. English classes turned me off to reading for awhile. If there was a book assigned to me that I would have otherwise enjoyed, the English teacher ruined the experience by making us look at all of the underlying symbolism rather than just enjoying the story as is. Or if I interpreted the story one way the teacher interprets it another, I felt like I was penalized for that. Then there was the creative writing aspect. I never felt I could truly be creative because there was still a bunch of rules regarding the assignment which defeats the purpose of what creativity is all about.
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    I voted math. I can see it's beauty but I don't quite get it. I think some of the new ways they teach it would work better for me. Ugh, timed math tests, way to teach me to have anxiety over mathematics.
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    1. Science
    2. Math
    3. English
    4. History

    I adored science classes and wanted to major in physics, but went into music instead. I had/have a passion for astronomy, but absolutely loved every science class even when the actual class was a bit lame like my advanced anatomy and physiology course in which we never dissected anything. I enjoyed math a great deal and wish I could have taken many more classes. It has a purity and consistency that is a relief, and a deeper understanding of math provides a framework to better understand reality itself from many different angles.

    Language feels inhibiting to me. I think my linguistic intelligence is significantly lower than other forms of intelligence and so it frustrates me. As a system it combines logic and structure with random arbitrary details. That combination is quite disorienting to me and is why I greatly prefer math and science. Every time I hear that women have more natural aptitude for language than men it makes me laugh because in the case of my own life it is not like that at all.

    History is interesting in terms of the sociological aspect of it and I enjoy documentaries, but it is often taught requiring the memorization of many arbitrary details which is the opposite of how my brain works and so it hurts a bit. Sometimes history is depressing to me because of its implications for the future. It triggers a sense of fear that the travesties will repeat. Science is more forward looking and gives me a sense of hope.
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    Strangely, I actually enjoyed math back in Elementery School, back when it was essentially a pointless series of puzzles and before the onset of word problems. I would even create my own math problems, and solve them for fun, for hours and hours.

    I also enjoy Astronomy and Biology, but hate chemistry and physics (yes, I know they're all interrated....I just can't seem to 'get' something unless I find it 'thematically' appealing, somehow). In a college Astronomy class I managed to learn everything I was supposed to have learned in High School Chemistry classes in about two weeks (this was a highschool class that I had to cheat in-during Summer School-in order to pass).

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    Science ~= Math>>>History>English

    I adored science and math. If we didn't have to memorise so much in history, I would have enjoyed it more. I didn't like English though. Mostly because of the books we had to study. I didn't always respond to them in the way the teacher "wanted" and apparently that's a problem.

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