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  • ENFP

    92 8.49%
  • ENTP

    79 7.29%
  • INFP

    168 15.51%
  • INTP

    172 15.88%
  • ENFJ

    27 2.49%
  • ENTJ

    30 2.77%
  • INFJ

    136 12.56%
  • INTJ

    118 10.90%
  • ESFP

    8 0.74%
  • ESTP

    16 1.48%
  • ISFP

    33 3.05%
  • ISTP

    32 2.95%
  • ESFJ

    11 1.02%
  • ESTJ

    5 0.46%
  • ISFJ

    17 1.57%
  • ISTJ

    43 3.97%
  • I'm borderline!

    57 5.26%
  • I don't know what I am!

    30 2.77%
  • I'm planning on changing my type again, so I'm picking this one

    9 0.83%
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    Earth Exalted Thursday's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by suzyk View Post
    But when I asked in the 'What's My Type' section, everyone said that self-evaluations never work and I should take the tests over again. And I did.
    They said self evaluations never work ?
    what else is a personality test, anyway?

    the next time everyone says something,
    question it
    the truth is a sacred little bunny that you have to seek out and coddle warmly
    sometimes a gust of wind ********* your face,
    but nevertheless
    you know yourself and your motivations
    if not
    the test is only going to point out the delusion
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    I N V I C T U S

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    Stringing the logic of this thread together, it would appear that INFJs are the most people without "real lives". I mean, wow. Are we awesome or wot?

    Suzyk: If you can, go to a MBTI workshop. There are plenty of people who can give you help face-to-face with clarifying and evaluating your type. The standard form M for North America has 93 questions, which can give you a good idea of your preferences. After you take the self-report tool, you discuss the results with others. It's probably more fun and beneficial that way.

    "Je ne craignais pas de mourir
    Mais de mourir sans etre illumine."

    "I was not afraid to die,
    But to die without being enlightened."

    -Comte de Saint-Germain, La Tres Sainte-Trinisophie

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    @AvereX: Good work on making your advice sound like a little ditty.
    @Alchemist: I'm a kid. I don't think I'd be allowed into a workshop anyways. And in Canada? I think not. I guess I'll stick with INTP.
    "I can write better than anybody who can write faster, and I can write faster than anybody who can write better."
    - A. J. Liebling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alchemist View Post
    Stringing the logic of this thread together, it would appear that INFJs are the most people without "real lives". I mean, wow. Are we awesome or wot?
    Ya! We're, like, rare and there's tons of us here! When I introduced myself someone actually said "Not another one!"
    INFJ, Counselor, IEI, 4w5

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    I am an ISTP.

    Investigator, Soldier, Trooper, Policeman.
    I'm the Councilor, I'll be watching you.

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    I'm always pretty close to the INFJ/INFP line, but I choose INFJ--which is probably in itself indicative that I am INFJ.

    "I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. You can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    I'm an ISTJ, apparently. Never knew that, lol.
    f a s h i o n
    c a n
    b e
    l o v e ♥

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    hehe... i see a lot of ENFPs around here.... and seems like a lot of ppl like to criticize us... heheh...yet, too happy to be ENFP to care if ppl like it or not LoL (i dont sound like ENFPs who are sensitive to criticism huh?! )

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    the rarest types rock the charts.

    Probably because they are all social outcasts who cant talk to real people in the real world... jUst kidding, hold your horses peeps.

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    INTj with ENxP tendencies. I get INTJ and INTP on tests, but I'm more Ni Te than Ti Ne. Cognitive processes says Ni and Ne are my main functions, then comes Ti.

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