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    1. Take care of my friends and family so they never have to worry about money.
    2. Buy the Philadelphia Eagles.
    3. Form a production company to fund the production of scripts that the big studios do not want to take a risk on. (Hiring my friends is a benefit.)
    4. Travel. A LOT.
    5. Have an outdoor hot tub with a TV next to it. Honestly, this is the only material luxury object I really fantasize about.
    6. Hire a trainer to be a jerk to me and make me lose weight and get in shape.
    7. Use the bulk of the money to form a philanthropic organization similar to the way Bill Gates has his set up. I like the way he goes about it.
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    I'd take my wife and daughter and we'd go into hiding for a year. This is partly to avoid all of the people who would be asking me for money. But mostly this would be to reflect on how to best use the money to benefit humanity. Then I'd either become a venture capitalist, philanthropist, or start a business with the money after I realized specifically the avenues that would bear the most fruit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Kat View Post
    After a hard day at work, you arrive home. All you want to do is lay down and rest, but unfortunately there's lots and lots of mail for you. So before you can get to rest, you first have to read all of your letters. Then you find a letter. It says your uncle, who left the country ages ago and who you never met, passed away. You, yes, YOU are his only heir and the motherfucker is leaving you 9 billion dollars. So all of the sudden you are a billionare. What would you do with all that cash?
    For starters I'd live a super rich lifestyle (mansions, yachts, supercars, expensive Armani suits, humongous space-faring Mecha, the works). I'd probably transfer somewhere other than the shitty hole-in-the-wall university I currently attend, and pay other people to do my schoolwork (save for stuff I actually enjoy doing, such as econ homework). I'd use my money to gain influence in political circles, and advance my cunning and evil plan to infiltrate the Mises institute through the Hoppean aristocratic wing and turn it into an aristocratic paleolibertarian outfit.

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    I would probably hasten my initial experiment of destroying the world. Buy a few nukes here and there, start a nuclear war, Use the RHIC to absorb the entire Earth into a mass of strange quark. You know, the usual.

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    That's an insane amount of money, Richard Pryor couldn't spend that. I'd have to get a damn mansion to keep people from hassling me all the time. I'd probably end up working to fund a lot of different charities. Nah, I'd hire that out, then I'd hire people to watch the people who are supposed to be using my money for good. Then I'd probably make an Ironman body suit.

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    I'd buy Sacramento, CA, USA. Oh...wait, then by default I own California. Oh...wait, then by default, I own the national election. Oh...wait, then by default, I own the world. Muhuhahahaha!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beargryllz View Post
    2 chicks at the same time
    Office Space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    It's really only about $5 billion you'd be getting after taxes....
    As little as that huh?

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    All that cash, eh? Well, can't put it in my pocket, that's for sure. I'll spend it, every last cent of it, what else am I going to do with it, can't take it with me either. Just give me all that money and I'll see what I can do, a bit of good, a bit of bad, I'll spend it for sure, any way I can, just because I can.

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    I reckon that I'd not bother letting work know where the hell I was or what the hell I was doing for a day or two, screw 'em, then I'd pay my bills, pay the family members who arent assholes bills and hit the road for a while, travel like I was living the life of the guy in the black and white Fugitive TV series or perhaps Kung Fu, visit people I've no way of visiting at the minute, like my Canadian and American buddies.

    I'd be willing to spend a lot to try and sweep one particular lady of her feet, money would be no issue in doing that.

    Then I'd retreat to some very modest cabin with a lot of supplies and remote from anyone, live like that for a bit, try and read all the books I own, get into a good routine and work on my fitness, personal growth and what not. That's my idea of the good life to be honest.

    Then after all that I'd see how I could use my money to seriously fuck the shit up of the worlds worst criminal organisations like the mutha fcuking Albanian Mafia, Nigerians or terrorists. We all owe God a death and it might aswell come while seriously cramping the style of some evil dude.

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