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Thread: Do you know anyone who has beaten cancer?

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    I am not sure I know anyone who has beaten it.. sadly I have known a few people who succumbed to it

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    My mother beat breast cancer and is considered free of it because she was clear for five years after. Early detection of cancer is the key to beating it. My mom went on a careful diet and changed aspects of her lifestyle. Juicing fruits and vegetables, and finding especially nutritious foods like Kale are a good start. When you really start to learn what exactly is in the foods that are available for most people to eat, it is deeply disturbing.

    I work with a number of people who have had cancer including people in their third round with it. At that point there are many complications from past treatments impacting current treatments. Each time it returns it is stronger, but the years of remission can be a decade or more. It is my understanding that it is also harder when people are younger and their cells are naturally dividing and growing at a faster rate. I understand that generally speaking cancers tend to develop more slowly in the elderly than younger adults. There are a lot of advancements in cancer treatment, but it is important to find the right medical resources. One doctor will tell a patient they have six months to live, and other will direct them to effective treatment.
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    My mom had breast cancer in 2006. Both of her best friends were found to have it as well, that same year. Strange.

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    My mom had breast cancer seven years ago. She had a mastectomy and chemotherapy. A year after the breast cancer surgery she had a skin cancer removed from her leg (apparently the chemotherapy she had tends to cause easily treatable skin cancers in survivors, which seemed like a pretty decent trade-off to us). She still sees her oncologist yearly, but so far so good.

    My mother-in-law had thyroid cancer something like 35 years ago. I believe she had her thyroid removed and then had radiation therapy. She has been cancer-free ever since.

    One of my college professors is currently in remission from leukemia after a very tough battle that included a bone marrow transplant and some kind of experimental chemotherapy.
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    Not all cancers are equal, which is important to keep in mind if you're comparing one circumstance to the other. Some diagnoses are basically death sentences regardless of how early they're caught, and some types have remarkably high rates of survival--which doesn't belittle their struggle, but does cause pause for comparison to things like pancreatic cancer (more than 19/20 will die before five years), some subtypes of esophageal cancer, and some connective tissue cancers, among many others.

    My cousin got a death sentence one and died within 3 years, both my grandpas have ones with high rates of survival, and if they don't beat it, they'll probably die with cancer rather than from cancer (an important distinction).
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    Yep, my uncle (Mom's little brother) survived it. He was one of my childhood heroes so it was a real scare for us, luckily, he survived and is living a happy life right now.
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    My mother, several times. In 1983-5 she battled with uterine cancer and, after a hysterectomy, they found there was more in her system. She was given the all clear in March '85, then in 2002 there was bowel cancer; part of her intestine was removed and she was clear in 2003. Then, in 2006, more bowel cancer, more parts of her digestive system removed, and once again she's clear.

    Also my sister had cervical cancer in 1995, but it was diagnosed and treated in its earliest stages, so she recovered fully, with her internal organs intact and went on to have three more children.

    My grandmother died of a cancerous tumour, though she was 87 year old, so she still had pretty good innings
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