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Thread: How many people do you have on your ignore list?

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    None currently on ignore. Ignore is normally a manual process since each post stands by itself. So if someone shows repetitively bad posts, they're effectively ignored. If their posts show quality here and there, they're not always ignored, etc.

    It's when it gets personal that detracts from discussions. And when this happens, ignore can be an effective tool for concentrating mammoth threads with emotional silliness, into quality reasonable length threads.

    To be fair, it's not as if I don't sometimes indulge in being part of the problem too.

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    TypeC was the first forum I encountered that had an ignore function. I'm used to dealing with interpersonal conflicts as they arise, and I enjoy the potential learning opportunities these experiences can offer, so I mainly use the ignore button for users who contribute ideas I consider a bit 'spammy', repetitive, unreadable, or irrelevant to the topics at hand. The said posts are often too jarring and distracting to skip alone, and the list facilitates a smoother read.

    This is not to say that these posters (currently 5) do not provide an overall quality discussion, but that I don't have the necessary tools to effectively engage with them, or process their judgment as I would like. However, if you asked me whom I actively disdain, my list would look different. I make it a habit to avoid keeping personal baggage as much as possible, so that's why many of them were never 'Ignored'. Being ignored or dislike is rarely a permanent situation IMO, people change, and I change -- as we gain new experiences or skills, our thoughts will change alongside them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    Looking into the eyes of a [Ni user] is like peeking through a portal into a parallel universe.

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    I would never put anyone on an ignore list. Even if I don't like them, it would always bother me knowing that there are some posts present which I simply can't see.

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    There is only one person I ask to put me on their Ignore List. I beg them, I beseech them. I implore them. But do they put me on their Ignore List? I don't know. Who knows? Only them. And they keep it a close wrapped secret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Outsider View Post
    I would never put anyone on an ignore list. Even if I don't like them, it would always bother me knowing that there are some posts present which I simply can't see.
    yeah same

    curiosity will get the best of you and I I'd presume. It's really hard to dislike someone enough for that anyway.

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