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Thread: Define Maturity

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    I've posted about this in my blog a few months ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Kat View Post
    "How to be mature?" CHECKLIST!
    • Pretend you're feeling sick everytime you're near a MacDonalds (adults hate MacDonalds, or at least they pretend to)
    • Talk about architecture. Compare the architecture style of all towns you've been to in an intellectual conversation.
    • Refuse to listen to any music that isn't older than 15 years. This excludes music of all artists that have been active for over 15 years, easy listening, mature rock, jazz, latin american and classical music. Of all the music older than 15 years, you'll have to refuse to listen to hardcore, metal, europop and disco.
    • Inspect the entire house with a microscope and freak over every single tiny little piece of dust or dirt you find.
    • Don't talk calmly when you're irritated, yell. Yelling makes you seem more serious when you're an adult.
    • Don't have any fun, fun is for children.
    • Use complicated words and eat complicated food. While these things make you look nerdy when you're young, they'll make you seem adventurous and exciting when you're an adult, even when you're not.
    • Hate teenagers and look down on children. This will make you look better than them.
    • Don't take too much care of you're looks, otherwhise people will think you're a prostitute, or even worse, desperate for love, which you don't want too admit at all, even though your eggs are starting to age.
    • When it rains, take a raincoat or an umbrella. Not taking any of those makes you seem like a teenager who wants to show they're not a pussy and like I said before, true adults hate teenagers.
    • Talk with a poshy accent. Not having a poshy accent will make you look poor, or worse, like an undereducated teenager!
    • Make a nasty face when you see someone have a snack, especially when they're fat. Fat people aren't supposed to snack, that's irresponsible.
    • When you're having a party, only give your guests trendy food. Trendy food makes you seem younger and takes all the attention away from your wrinkles.
    • Only have fresh sandwichspread, yoghurt and cucumbers on your sandwich. Eating fresh food makes you seem fresh and young.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Sherlock Holmes View Post
    Suchirony, there is a problem with your sig. By the description in brackets, your type is INNP.
    Oops! :blushing:
    It's fixed now.
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    Maturity is the state of thought whereby you execute a task without thinking about how.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mace View Post
    Maturity is the state of thought whereby you execute a task without thinking about how.
    Maturity is running on autopilot?

    No, that's called Si/Te, not maturity.

    Please try again.
    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Edward Abbey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mace View Post
    Maturity is the state of thought whereby you execute a task without thinking about how.
    I thought that was mental retardation!

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    When defining maturity, I've never been able to separate it from "the act of" or "the willingness of" growth. A lot of strong points here, but I believe it'd almost mandate growth in there somewhere.
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    Self-sufficient, able to care for others, able to accept help from others. Not easily offended. Take into account other people's feelings, needs. Resilient. Steady. Know when to talk and when not to. Able to laugh at oneself.
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    Part 1: discovering that the meaning of life is not always in terms of what I want or choose to be.

    Part 2: to not make a fuss when called upon to act on the above.

    Status: Part 1. All too recent. I can't believe that something this simple is blowing my mind, but I guess I am the kind of person whose mind it would blow; I admit it.
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