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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    I think it's kind of a meg ryan movie

    Lady X, I think you are a pretty special person to be able to see the romance in internet dating. I'm not sure I'd be able to find the same view of it myself, but good for you for being able to!
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    I've never met anyone off of the internet before. This site is actually the first time I've ever interacted with people online before. I wouldn't mind meeting a bunch of people from here though.

    My best friend met his wife through MySpace, but I'm not ever supposed to mention that.

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    A number of years ago, I met a guy online on a site where we shared a mutual interest. Man, was he persistent where I was reluctant. After talking to him for many months, I finally said okay to meeting so he flew over 3000 miles to meet. We hit it off in person without a glitch and stayed together for around a year or so, flying back and forth or meeting partway.

    In hindsight, it was a rollercoaster crazy time. I don't have any regrets doing it since it was a blast. We never, ever ran out of subjects of interest, a pretty intense connection. But I did vow I wouldn't do an online thing again and haven't since.

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    my best friend met his wife on the internet. they are very very happy. they have a son now.
    i know several friends who have met great people on the internet.
    it seems like it is really becoming a huge thing, to meet people online.

    i met my wife the old fashioned way. in a bar.
    hahaha! no, but not exactly though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Juice View Post
    I've never met anyone off of the internet before. This site is actually the first time I've ever interacted with people online before. I wouldn't mind meeting a bunch of people from here though.
    yeah, same for me. i never even used the internet until a few years ago.
    but i am planning to meet up with some people here. good times!

    My best friend met his wife through MySpace, but I'm not ever supposed to mention that.
    haha. but you've got to bust his balls sometimes. that is what friends are for.

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    My dad met his girlfriend online. They were together over ten years and would still be together if she hadn't died unexpectedly nearly a year ago.

    He's looking online again now and it really is for a relationship. He's very lonely when he's single and has no one to cook for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stringstheory View Post
    IME just like with people you meet/date IRL, you're gonna have more misses than you do hits. When I was still dating i had plenty of success using OKCupid, but i had more "nice, good friend but no thanks", as well as some miserable failures. It's not a recipe for instant success, just another medium to meet people. I doubt you're doing anything "wrong", just keep looking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quiet
    I'm newly single now but I don't think I will be trying out internet dating. I have done it before, and what I mainly found there, were guys who were just hoping to get some. I'm not really into that, so nothing went anywhere. I did meet someone who was really cool, sweet and was on the same page as me in most areas. but I did not feel the same chemistry with him as he did for me. It was a shame, because he would have been perfect.
    I think it's a tough call, internet dating or meeting people irl. It takes a lot of time and emotional investment either way, to decide what you really want in a relationship. (or maybe that's just me) But I would think it is harder online. One thing I always wondered about when I was trying out online dating, was how many other girls were these guys talking to at the same time that they were talking to me? But I'm sure that is a common query.
    Second bolded piece is a valid question that I think most wonder about, but the reason/necessity for it can tie to the first bolded piece: The more you do online dating, the more you realize that while you can know a good bit by emailing (the intellectual piece, whether there's a mind-connection, etc), there's about 50% at least that's 'missing' and that you can't possibly know until or unless you meet the person face to face. So it almost doesn't make sense to put all of your eggs in one basket when, after you've met tons of people, you begin to realize that A)You might only have that attraction/chemistry with 1 out of 5 (I'm being generous here), B) The person you're interested in doesn't feel the same way about you, so C) The combined, mutual/reciprocal interest might only be 1 out of 10 (or something).

    I've done a lot of online dating over the years - it's the only way I've gotten into any of my relationships!! I just don't meet people irl. And I agree with stringstheory - in the end I don't see it as all that different from meeting people irl. BUT. I think it's wise to meet people much sooner than later -- otherwise you might become invested in them through the email connection, and start harboring expectations or hopes that are simply unfounded without that other 50% of the 'data' that you need to really know whether you're compatible -- i.e. meeting them in person and interacting.
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    I have had a small period of time where I 'attempted' to meet people online in a more than just friendly manner, a few years ago.

    It is seriously impossible for me.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Was going to meet someone I knew online for two years from another forum(s) after we both had a crush on one another for awhile. After several months she ended up prioritizing someone else she knows online over me so we never met and I cut her out of my life. It hasn't even been a month yet.

    I think if that hadn't happened and we met it would have likely turned into something. I only knew her in a few dimensions but we were able to make more out of that (she was also an INFP -- in terms of relating this to this forum). We communicated every day and you know when the intoxication sets in it feels very real, even if you've only seen pictures and talked to them on the phone or read their words through an IM/chat. We were both very honest and I know I didn't hide anything, because, what would be the point?

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    i met a real nice girl online. weve been friends for about two years and started dating/just met 6 months ago. we live about an hour apart.
    sorta sucks really. but i love her alot, distance makes the heart grow fonder.
    it really helped us get to know each other without me stumbling over my words as would have happened in person haha.
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    I don't meet people from online. I like living.
    Oh, its

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