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Thread: Words. Associate. Forum Member.

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    ^You're going to have to narrow it down a bit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    Fuck you.
    Aww. Now I know where your sexual hang-ups come from.

    Even I don't know what the cuckoo's nest* is though....

    Edit. *Ah ok. I figured it out.
    Fuck. I used to be smarter....
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Gosh, the world looks so small from up here on my high horse of menstruation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    Misogynist+Misogynist+Misogynist =
    That's not really a mystery is it?

    *looks cautiously upwards in thread*
    "An upsidedown wire heart
    Being sucked into a periscope
    Still the mind is dull
    Like you need another excuse"

    … a theory is primarily a form of insight, i.e. a way of looking
    at the world, and not a form of knowledge of how the world is….
    .. all our different ways of thinking are to be considered as
    different ways of looking at the one reality, each with some
    domain in which it is clear and adequate….
    - David Bohm

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    birdwatching+classic rock+grumpy mcgrumperson

    knowing smile+Death from the Sandman comics

    hermit+lucid dreaming+unconventional marriage
    and it's nice enough to
    make a man
    weep, but I don't
    weep, do

    ESTJ - LSE - ESTj (mbti/socionics)
    1w2/7w6/3w4 so/sx (enneagram)
    lawful good (D&D) / ravenclaw or gryffindor (HP) / boros legion (M:TG)
    conscientious > sensitive > serious (oldham)
    want to ask me something? go for it!

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