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Thread: What if your hands could go through each other?

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    Default What if your hands could go through each other?

    Ever since I was really young, I've thought of this. What if you hands could pass through each other without no resistance whatsoever, but they couldn't pass through anything else? If you had a piece of paper on one palm and tried to clap, would you feel your hands? What if your hands did go through each other with the paper still between them? Would it be like anti-matter?

    And if your hands wouldn't be able to pass between each other because of the paper, what if 2 trains could pass through each other but not anything else? Would a feather between them stop them dead in their tracks going at full speed?
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    It's like neutrinos, I think. They go through things, but much much more than your hypothetical example. You would feel your hands by proxy, not directly. So your hands probably won't go through each other if, say in your example, a sheet of paper was between them. Likewise for the trains.

    Unfortunately, in real life, our hands are made out of fermions, which obey Pauli's Exclusion Priniciple. That is, all of the electrons, protons and neutrons cannot exist in the same energy state, spin, etc. so as a result, our hands are solid.
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