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    Quote Originally Posted by vieamemusique View Post
    I find myself perpetually sad. Not necessarily about certain things, just an overwhelming sense of sadness/disappointment.

    The only thing that has kept me from letting it consume me or even dwelling on it for that matter is to keep myself ridiculously busy. That tends to give me the illusion that I'm happy, to others and myself.
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    Smile The Set Point of Happiness

    They say we all have a set point of happiness around which we oscillate. And some have a higher set point than others and some have a lower set point.

    They also say the set point can be raised by kindness to others but the catch is that when we stop being kind, the set point settles back to its natural place.

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    I think some people are naturally more sad than others. I think part of this is because some people look at the world more realistically, and more deeply, and tend to see it as a sad place.

    I tend to be perpetually happy. I also happen to let it all add up until I cant take it anymore, then I go do something active (or sometimes the opposite - sleep) until the feeling goes away.

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