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Thread: Do you like getting older?

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    I would have preferred to stop somewhere around 30. That would have been excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paradigm-shift View Post
    Maybe I'm just going through an existential depression right now because I compare myself to peers close to my age and they seem like they've experienced and accomplished far more than I have.
    This has always been the kind of thing that fills my mind around birthdays, holidays, seasonal changes and anything that reminds me of the passage of time. I've hated birthdays since my mid-teens for this reason. They remind me that I'm stuck and life is flying by, and I feel like I'm lagging farther and farther behind where I should be.

    This paragraph from High Fidelity sums up the feeling:
    I usually enjoy my birthday, but today I don't feel so good about it. Birthdays should be suspended in years like this one: there should be a law, of man if not of nature, that you are only allowed to age when things are ticking along nicely. What do I want to be thirty-six for now? I don't. It's not convenient. Rob Fleming's life is frozen at the moment, and he refuses to get any older. Please retain all cards, cakes, and presents for use on another occasion.
    I think feeling generally satisfied in your life makes getting older much easier to accept. Even if no one actually likes getting older past young adulthood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradigm-shift View Post
    The only thing I look forward to about getting older is more wisdom and life experience to draw upon. But it seems like everything else progressively declines. Physically, you start getting more ailments. You're not as physically fit as you once were. You get around slower and with more difficulty. Get old enough, and its likely your hearing and vision will start to go. Mentally, you start having more trouble remembering things and you don't think quite as quickly. Your reaction time goes down. The one advantage though, is having a greater knowledge base to draw upon. And appearance wise, it goes downhill. You start getting wrinkles, your hair starts going gray, you start losing hair, etc.

    That's why I see 25 as the optimal age in several ways. Its kind of when physical fitness, mental agility, and looks are at their peak. Actually the 18-25 age range sounds good to me but I prefer 25 to 18 because I think at 25, you have a stronger sense of self-identity. You know yourself better, what kind of people you want to have relationships with, what your ideal career is, etc. At 18, you're kind of figuring it all out.
    That's basically the tradeoff. We get older and the body slows down (including nerve impulse speeds, etc.); yet we hopefully have more self-awareness and our life experience has trained us to better use what we do have, so chances are we can be more effective and stable human beings.

    There's a sweet spot in there, but I think in general the body can be cared for so that it remains adequate for the needs of the future driven by a mind that is nuanced, thoughtful, experienced, and visionary, and so that one can still experience fulfillment and contentment.

    I think the hardest shift for me would be to reach a physical stage where I could no longer take care of myself. That scares me; I value my independence and do not like to have to rely on others (both for their sake and mine) in regards of basic needs, at the very least. I've had at least one grandparent who lived to be 95, but was alone and virtually blind and immobile and mostly deaf by that time. I don't want that to happen to me.
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    I wish I could stay 18 forever.

    All my life I've been looking forward to getting older. But 18 is a good age, I don't want to get any older.
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    Mentally, yes.

    Emotionally...I'm getting there.

    Physically? HFN--that sucks. It's amazing to see the cumulative effects of gravity.
    It's hard for me to tell just how much physical wear and tear is due to aging and how much is due to me having RA. In appearance, I can pass for someone in their early 30s.

    One of the worst things, though is that I have gotten to this age without accomplishing much. I'm not comparing myself to others, this is personal. I spent about 12 years misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder when I really had a rare metabolic disease. I "lost" all those years in a crazy cycle that boiled down to simple day-to-day survival. School, career...I did none of those things. So, in a way, I feel like my 'youth' was wasted even though I am extremely grateful that that time is over.

    I'm 41, btw.

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    Maybe I would if I had any control over my life.
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    I am happy that I am alive and can get older. When I was a child, I believed that the world would be destroyed in a nuclear war and that I would not live to be an adult. So each day is an adventure and each day, in some way or another, I can relish being alive. And, of course, I love having birthday. I love having my birthday and I love other people's birthdays. I especially like the cake!
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    no cuz i have to graduate college and go step out in the real world, and getting older=change, change=bad

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    I'm looking forward to the day where I can hobble into my Cadillac wearing my plaid driving cap and wraparound sunglasses over my glasses. But I also want all the other days inbetween, too.

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    Overall, definitely. I'm a late bloomer, and I feel like I'm just now getting to the place where I want to be. I feel like I'll just keep improving, and continuing to "get" things I didn't get before. My thirties have been the best time of my life so far. My twenties were kind of angsty, but necessary.
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