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Thread: Things you do that you think no one else does

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    Quote Originally Posted by InTheFlesh View Post
    If I'm walking down the road, or just anywhere in general, I make 100% sure I don't step on any of the lines or cracks, and if there's a line on the side of the side walk but not the whole thing I imagine it extended across the whole thing and make sure I don't step there.
    And if I do it makes me feel really upset, not angry or sad, just upset that I couldn't do it.

    My friends occasionally see me near skipping around on the sidewalks avoiding these lines and question me about it like I'm insane
    I have a friend who is the same way. I used to question why he walked down the hallway like he was drunk... Until he explained that he cannot stand stepping on the lines in the tiles... Shame for him our tiles are arranged decoratively and not that easy to just walk a straight line and still avoid lines...

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    I will tap on my thumb with my index finger. I will tap once on the top then below that I will tap twice on the sides, then below that I will tap three times and do that two more times (so it will be in the shape of a cross). I have been doing this since I was like 14 and I cant stop, it doesn't hinder me in anyway but people will see me doing it and ask, then I get crazy looks lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SNUGGLETRON View Post
    (or at least very few people do)

    (or at least very few people you know do)

    I click the tooth just one right of my right front tooth when listening to music, and create polyrhythms.

    When no one is around, I will pick up any objects that have straight edges and pretend im aiming down it as if it had sights like a gun and pretend to shoot things I can see.

    I pick a random chance with anything and make a bet with myself that if 'x' does/is 'y', something is destined to happen a certain way. Specific example: if I am about to load up someone's facebook page that I like who isn't particularly active on fb, I will predict that if she has any new news in her newsfeed, she is right for me. It is pointless and stupid but I do this with a lot of things. I call it daisy-picking syndrome.

    I often get urges to run head on into cars on a two-lane road.

    Whenever I'm in class, I'm often preoccupied by the thought of being able to stop time and perform sexual acts on the girls I deem attractive in that class. Or stop time and just go around fucking shit up to see what happens. I take this time to consider what would happen if I moved someone who is frozen in time and what kind of effect that would have on their bodies when time returned to normal again. Would their bodies be traumatized? would they feel it/remember something? Since there was a period where there was no time I usually conclude they wouldn't and I would basically be some extra-dimensional element tampering with an event that doesn't exist in time. (I know everyone has done this one though)

    etc etc

    go go
    I do every single one of these except 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    Say words over and over again for fun until they quit sounding right and I think, "What a funny word!"

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    When I'm riding in a car or on the bus, I focus on a spec on the window and make it leap over objects passing by outside (e.g. signs, people, cars, trees, fences and telephone lines) by adjusting my line of sight. The aim of the game seems to be preventing my little dot from colliding with the obstacles.

    Me too. This is unbelievable. I think i can relate to half of everyones quirks.

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    I will also listen to music and 'watch' montages in my head of potential scenes and story arcs that come alive via the melodies and tones of music.

    haha i do this all the time, really work myself up

    When driving on long car rides, I sometimes imagine a creature (be it an animal or whatever) running alongside the road, bouncing off of other objects.

    I do this too but its usually a person and they do unbelievable jumps and flips and parkour and shit

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    When I'm shredding papers, I turn it into a game, and try to shred everything in my stack of papers one immediately after the other, so that the shredder never turns off automatically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post

    But I live in a rural area. And when I'm driving around I count cars until I get to 5, then start over. Big trucks count twice. I also read the numbers on license plates and signs to see what they are divisible by if I add them all up.
    This like this fascinate me, especially the rules that people make up for themselves. I know a guy (we have mutual friends, although I'd not really call him a friend... more like an acquaintance) who once described to me an internal sort of alphabet rule set. He had certain letters that "went together," like I think L and M went together... I can't remember any other sets, but I remember that it seemed totally random, not related to placement in the alphabet, type of sound, etc. Anyway he said when he saw a word, he automatically would put the letters into these categories, and he didn't like it when letters from different categories were next to each other in the word. Very interesting.
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    wow..... so many I have done or do above....

    play with hair and check for split ends... it's only bad if I have scissors though... *hides*

    thoughts of driving into on coming traffic..... *blushes*

    I like to well I should say I need to touch and feel everything before I will buy it, I don't like foam sponges or mattresses to touch but love a broken foam pillow to sleep on

    I like to rub my feet together and especially love to feel my bed sheets between my toes before I fall asleep..... my husband teases me about my happy toes....
    ~t need of hugs please...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarelle99 View Post
    This like this fascinate me, especially the rules that people make up for themselves.
    Idd, this topic is very interesting

    Teh annoying/boring.

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