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Thread: Things you do that you think no one else does

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    When driving, I imagine driving in the grass or whatever is next to the road.

    I used to have to touch things equal to the number of how old I was. Stopped that around 13 yrs old.

    The letters Q U V W X Y Z are different than the other letters. The others are normal, those 7 are odd.

    I can turn my feet all the way around backwards.

    Sometimes I have to move items on a table so they line up correctly,or so that the spaces among the items are even.
    I have mild Tourette Syndrome, and I suppose the OCD aspects of that contribute to some of my quirks.
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    1.) Once walked nude through a waterfall at a Christian camp (and similar things).

    2.) Petted a wild coyote, or other wild animals such as raccoons, turtles, armadillos, sharks, squirrels, manatees, moray eels, numerous other fish, monkeys, numerous wild birds species (including a hummingbird). Yes, I held a emerald green hummingbird in my hands, then let it go. Various snakes. Possums. Alligators. Etc. I once had a matchbox of live scorpions, and I'd take them out and play with them.

    3.) I can catch cuttlefish with my bare hands at night.

    4.) I have my own language for myself, like speaking in tongues, which is an emotional language. Duh! How else do you whisper to animals?

    5.) I don't do it anymore, but I would go to the forest seeking "spiritual experiences", frequently mostly nude or wearing a loin cloth, I'd hang upside down from trees and hyperventilate until my whole body fell asleep (similar to like when your foot or leg falls asleep, but the whole body).

    6.) I can see pretty well in the dark, or I used to.

    7.) I can fairly well block pain with my mind; my pain tolerance is high.

    8.) I can raise my skin temperature 15 degrees in 10 minutes. I'm skeptically about that, but biofeedback was connected to me at one time, and I did. I know certain breathing techniques.

    9.) I have mystical powers

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    I once made up a land based on the paint samples I liked to collect from Home Depot. They even have their own language there.

    @LeftKick - Haha. You do sound a tad OCD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    This resonates with me. To me, it feels almost as if I'm consciously communicating on the "nonverbal cues" channel of communication, and it feels as though others don't communicate on that channel consciously and actively. The perceived difference between me and them is that I'm actively thinking about that channel almost constantly.
    Oh guess I'm not alone. What do you think this is? Just being both socially and internally conscious?
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    I take in cats which are known littertray offenders, and will pee in the house, in an attempt to fix em. My INTJ does not approve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vala Faye View Post
    I take in cats which are known littertray offenders, and will pee in the house, in an attempt to fix em. My INTJ does not approve.

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    I bark back at dogs.
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

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    Speaking of animals, I call them by what they are. My cat (who actually does have a name) is "cat" and both of my girlfriend's dogs are "dog."

    Quote Originally Posted by animenagai View Post
    Oh guess I'm not alone. What do you think this is? Just being both socially and internally conscious?
    Probably.. it might stem from a need to fit in or ensure that I'm understood by the other person. I'll have to think about this one some more..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuggletron View Post
    I often get urges to run head on into cars on a two-lane road.
    This is actually pretty common, from what I understand/learned in a psychology class. I have this, but more than this, if I'm looking out a window or ledge that's high up I get the urge to jump through/off it.

    Also, when I'm holding small animals or babies or something, I think about how easily I could seriously hurt or kill it. I have never done it and there's never been any real risk of me doing it, but I think about it.

    I think we all have dark thoughts about how easy it is to kill ourselves and others, and a lot of people ignore them or pretend they don't exist, but all they're really doing is creating an inaccurate or biased self-portrait.
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    yeah, it is normal. I think when I started this thread I was wondering if anyone thought the same things that were a bit more specific.

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