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Thread: How many hours a day do u spend looking 4 ur keys? and other absent minded happenings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    Same with me. I know better not to place stuff just anywhere. That's a recipe for disaster. And I'm used to double checking all the time, you just have to yank yourself back to reality for a sec, then continue on as usual.
    Yeah me too, except I only remember about 80% of the time to put it in the proper place, the rest of the time I'll set them down "for a second" and the rest is history. It helps if the propoer place is very very convenient. I try to keep my bus pass and pass for work (for ex.) in my back pockets all the time, so i don't need to remember to do something with them when i get home. but this can backfire every time i change pants (I almost always wear 1 of 2 pairs of jeans, though).

    At least there's usually a minimal number of places to look though, if they're not forgotten in a pocket or backpack they're on one of 2-3 surfaces.
    -end of thread-

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    I've always been absent minded even as a little boy.

    At boarding school we had our number sewn into our clothes which was fortunate because I was so absent minded I would leave my clothes all over the school.

    However at Assembly they would delight in teasing me by holding up my lost clothing and reading out the number which of course everyone by now knew.

    I did find it embarrassing but I was surprised that no one knew how much I loved being absent minded. No one seemed to ask where did my mind go when it was absent?

    But of course it was just enjoying itself. Quotidian life seemed a bit boring and predictable, so my mind would entertain itself.

    So I have learnt to dance around the everyday while my mind goes somewhere else.

    But you can tell where I have been because I will always leave something behind.

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    Usually pretty good about not losing things, but my laundry room key seems to be the exception.

    Damn thing always finds itself in a spare pants pocket or closet or in the junk drawer or something.

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    This reminds me of the Sensotard thread, which I thought was a hoot.

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