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Thread: Oh I wish I wish I was an I :(

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    Default Oh I wish I wish I was an I :(

    Ignorant of me to say this but I feel like if I were a lot more introverted then life might be a little bit easier for me. I wouldn't have this ridiculous need to constantly be around people. Plus my life's a mess. I need to focus more on me to get things somewhat organized (as in I know where things are, not necessarily organized) than trying to have a fun time anyway. Maybe then I could enjoy my time being alone more, because I seem to be alone a lot...but would really like to not be, but I don't see any other way. Blehh.

    Don't listen to me...I'm just ranting :P

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    I find solace in the fact that there is a certain clarity of thought I can have while alone. Nothing, but my own ideas can influence what I wish to do, or be. This kind of state allows me to focus on the more important aspects of life (And these our good times for self-improvement ). It helps me get over the feeling alone pretty well, but getting too deep into thought is always a danger that I'm aware of and wish that people could be constantly around me to stop that from occuring, but I don't have to speak to them, I just want them there.... I don't know if this helped, just my first thoughts.

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