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Thread: what do you hate?

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    hypocrites. 100% hypocrites
    "To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart."

    -Charles Dickens
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    I hate large collectives of cynical, miserable people who give you shit for doing the things you like.

    I see none of this here, FYI. Only in other places.

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    Serious answer:

    I hate being told what to do

    I dislike when people make assumptions about me before they get to know me.

    I hate when people make strong judgements about something immediately without even considering anything else because they believe that is what they are supposed to do

    I hate when my mother cries, she takes everything so personally and she always talks about how she failed at scheduling an appointment or that she doesnt cook dinner well enough and she just doesnt deserve the grief that she piles upon herself.

    I hate to clean. Might be horrible but I never had to as a kid because my mother would never let the house get even a crumb out of place before she would rush in and clean it up. She told me one day that cleaning is what she does to relax and that everyone would judge her if the house got dirty. That just sounds psychotic to me, but whatever floats her boat always kept mine above water as well.

    I disloke emotional drama. If someone said something that was mean and it hurt your feelings then buck up, you should be grateful that you were given the opportunity to strengthen your inner core. Take what they say and twist it into constructive criticism.

    People who lie to themselves. If you got fired from a job because you were lazy and did not do the work that was expected of you own up to it! Why do you care if people judge you as lazy, if lazy is what you are? If you care enough to lie then you should care enough to not have to.

    When people tell me to smile. Honestly, is it that big of a deal if I am not radiating beams of sunshine 24/7? Alot of the time I am just in the middle of thinking about something and then someone comes up to me and tells me to flipping smile. Then I have to pretty much jump down 8 different realms to my physical body and concentrate on making that person feel comfortable by grinning like a fool for them? Its just too much going on, and they are interrupting. People should just accept that my natural face is a frown, hell even my own mother would always ask why I was giving her mean looks. It is because I am not mentally engaged with you right now, give me a second to catch up, wait 5 minutes and try again!

    When people tell me something that they think that I want to hear in order to save my feelings. If my paper is shitty tell me my paper is shitty! It isnt going to crush me or anything, I'll just go back and fix what needs to be fixed. You cant improve unless someone pokes at your jagged edges.

    When people talk down to me because I am young and they think that they have something to prove.

    People who cannot accept being wrong. Who take it as if by disagreeing with their ideas you are condenming them as a person.

    Having to memorize long lists of things. Oh god yes... If I have more then 10 flashcards that I have to remember then chances are that I am not going to attempt it because if I tried it would take me 10 hours. Bad memories associated with flashcards, mother would make me sit for long hours until I knew exactly word for word what was on each card. If the answer was "the area of sides a and b", god forbid I said "the area of b times as sides", she would make me start all over.
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    Oh and passive aggressive behavior. If you are angry say something, being passive aggressive rarely gets you anywhere. Some people are just naturally more inclined towards it I understand, but it does not mean that they cannot work on it.

    When I actually try to do something and I still fail.

    Rules for the sake of rules

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    Slanderers, manipulators, spin doctors, confidence breakers, and the two-faced

    Bigotry in the name of 'open-mindedness,' or: bullying over beliefs because freedom of belief (irony no more)


    The taste of Robitussin

    Lack or invasion of privacy

    Most of contemporary radio

    Someone who hurts you on purpose, delight in proportion to the hurt
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    People who are somehow able to laugh when somebody else is crying and/or obviously in pain.

    People who wave the flag of tolerance but chew you to shreds if you don't agree with their views.

    People who try to box me in or tell me who I am.
    I don't mean to pry, but why would you even make the eyes?


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    I hate the price of medical scrubs. They are not even cute and cost more than a lot of clothes I would buy that ARE cute. And I will only be wearing them in this obscure color (hunter green WTF) for 8wks during my internship.

    I hate parking tickets.

    I hate outrageous medical bills that don't meet your insurance deductible.

    Money sucksssssssss.
    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.

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    Oh and when people are way smarter than me and I feel like I cannot keep up. It is stupid because it makes me resent them for something that they cannot control, which is completely unfair but it really is a completely irrational, harsh, and semi-cruel anger that usually just bubbles up and explodes generally leaving me feeling semi embarassed and probably making me look dumber than I would have if I had just kept my mouth shut. What really makes me angry is not the fact that I do not know something, but that I might not be able to fully understand something.

    Oh and names like sweetheart and honey. Unless it is said by someone I know and I know that there is nothing behind it, and that it is just cemented into their speech patterns. But most of the times I hear those words it just strikes me as being extremely condescending as if I am just being humored. Well some people are just really nice and I love that, but alot of the times those words seem to contain undertones. So I guess insincerity and condescention.

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    People who don't quit bothering me when I don't bother them, and they push me into anguish for no reason other than to do it, and when I react poorly they redouble their efforts to push me.

    There's no excuse for that, even if the emotions are my fault they're accomplishing nothing but giving more reasons to escalate. It really starts to look like some kind of vindictive torment where they just can't stop, and they're the ones who started to begin with. It's like they want me to lose my mind. Just leave me alone and I'll stop whatever it is I'm doing, sooner rather than later.

    I'm not perfect and I do really crazy or even histrionic things at times but I try not to go out of my way to hound people. That's really shitty.
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    Lazy people, bad music, smelly people, liberals, headaches, stomachaches, and pens without ink.
    "It's hard for them to simper and bow without heads." - Littlefinger

    "A man with great ambition and no morals, I wouldn't bet against you." -Varys

    Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries - for heavy ones they cannot.- Machiavelli

    The condition of man... is a condition of war of everyone against everyone.- Hobbes

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