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Thread: What made you laugh today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SD45T-2 View Post

    The vids are getting more fancy!

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    I just discovered a channel called GradeAUnderA:

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    Going through my video history:

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    Im remebering this dream I had last night.

    At the time- the dream was in this super serious tone so... Yeah.

    But now Im wtfing.

    Anyways. So my immediate and my extended family are all together in this house- this huge huge house- for some reason that dream me just didnt need.

    So yeah- we are having a party- this I know. So anyways. Im like exploring the house or something and the party ends and my aunt- i have several aunts- so Ill just say my aunt and itll refer to that one for now- comes up and its after we have all had dinner and desert and shit and theres TONS of dishes. So I just walk by and she asks me sarcastically if maybe I could help out or something.

    So I start doing the dishes. And they are fucking nasty. Just the nastiest dishes I have ever seen in my life. So anyways. My aunt leaves me to do the dishes and goes out in the next room and is like... Cackling loudly. And Im just dying because they are so nasty and then other people come and start laughing at me and Im really downhearted and sad.

    And so the whole rest of the time shes being really mean to me and so when I get in the car on the way home I ask my mom why she hates me so much.

    And my mom says its because she claimed that my brother and I never changed our underwear and smell like feces.

    And so I start getting defensive and saying that uh yeah I change my underwear. And my mom says that- 'well your aunt thinks you smell like you havent and that its disgusting and you smell like shit and thats why she hates you'

    And my bro and I are just... Silent the whole drive home. Im just in deep contemplation the whole time.

    Funniest thing is- this dream had the most serious tone on the planet.

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    Not today. But I was playing a board game ego with colleagues and that's a great fun. It's been a while since I was laughing that much. I recommend.
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