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Thread: Laptops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    Hey there!

    What do you use it for?

    General computing?
    I'm no super computer buff, I use it for general computing and playing SPORE and The Sims 3 mostly. I didn't get it stock though, I got extra RAM and a faster processor so I could GAME OUT. Overal, it is a very nice computer though and I have nothing bad to say about it =].

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix_400 View Post
    I would actually suggest staying away from SSD's. Granted, they're hella fast (and expensive), but they have a limited write cycle and OP said he does a lot of editing, not a good combination. Its actually suggested when running an SSD to disable the swap/page file in the OS or redirect it to a microSD card in the card reader. This way you're not spending as much money and its easily swapped out when you burn the card out from the constant read/write cycles. If they ever get that problem solved with flash memory, SSD's would be the heat.
    TRIM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Windows 7 has a built in function to counter this. As long as the SSD supports this (and new ones generally do) it should be no problem.

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    I've a Toshiba Qosmio for quite some time now. Expensive, but it works really well for me so far. Then again, I'm often away from home for extended periods of time, and enjoy playing a game now and then. So for me it's money well spent.

    I can play the newest games on full settings though and it still runs smooth. (Mine has a intel core extreme 3.2Ghz, 8gb ddr3, 1gb nvidia something card, I think a gtx version iirc..)

    Anyway, it's very stable and performs really well.

    I also have had more Toshiba laptops before this as well as other brands, and found that I have had the least problems with Toshiba in terms of cooling. That said, all the laptops I had were a little bit better than the standard models, so that might be why.

    I also always look for laptops that blow the air out of the back, and not the side of the laptop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shimmy View Post
    TRIM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Windows 7 has a built in function to counter this. As long as the SSD supports this (and new ones generally do) it should be no problem.
    Huh, that's a nifty lil' work around. Didn't know they were doing that now.
    Thanks for the info.
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    narrowed down my choices.
    -macbook pro.
    -sony vaio f.

    im ordering one of them at 7pm tonight. thus far my descesion is to go with the sony vaio.
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