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Thread: The most unreasonable/idiotic thing you've ever heard someone say?

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    Coworker, to boss: "I have better things to worry about than whether the moon gives off light or reflects it."

    She was serious. She still probably doesn't know.
    "If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see. Let them see."

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    I'm hungover from a late night of getting smashed on tequila and whiskey. I'm on the phone with a friend.

    Chris: "I recommend that you gulp down 3 glasses of vodka, and your headache will go away. And put cranberry juice in it for vitamin C."


    My friend in the car next to me, texting someone: "How do you spell 'hungry'?" She's 25, born and raised in the U.S. with all-American parents...


    I used to work at a recruiting firm, and a man was applying to be Vice President of a mortgage company. In his cover letter, he somehow writes: "Middle aged white women are terrible dancers."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Kross View Post
    Once, back in university, I was talking with some super smart, A++, law student friends a story about how I watched Australian Big Brother for the first time that day. I was telling them about this really thick woman on the show who had said a number of stupid things:

    Me: She's a complete idiot! She actually asked someone why some eggs have chickens in them and why some don't!
    Law student 1: Really...
    Law student 2: Crazy...
    Law student 1: So... um... why is that?
    Law student 2: OMG I was just wondering the same thing!
    I'm actually on the side of those law students here. A situation like this would have me NOT asking that question and laughing at the "stupid" woman in order to not appear stupid myself.
    Which is actually pretty stupid; because a really smart one would ask the question anyway to add to his knowledge.
    That's why teachers really have to watch their language. Eg. "As you all know, ... -> Student who doesn't know feels stupid and probably doesn't dare to ask; while asking would cure the problem and make him able to follow the lesson. Calling somebody stupid causes stupidity.
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