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Thread: If you had $100 million the day you turned 30...

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    I'd never be heard from again.

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    30 is coming my way in a few months, so this is interesting to think about:

    1. My husband and I wouldn't tell anyone the specifics of our wealth.
    2. We'd pay off our school and car debts and the debts of our immediate family members.
    3. We'd build a somewhat modest house in the mountains.
    4. We'd hire an accountant to set aside and deliver to us month to month what we would need to live a quality but not over-the-top life.
    5. We'd travel with our family members and friends that haven't been able to travel in their lives.
    6. With our time we would start a family, write, play music, and cook healthy dinners.
    7. And the rest of the money? We'd split it between supporting charities and giving it away anonymously. We always love the idea of finding people that deserve it.

    Honestly, I hope it doesn't happen. I know some people who inherited A LOT, and their lives are pretty miserable. There is so much responsibility and guilt that comes with the money. Whenever we go to their house for dinner, we love the wine but we are so thankful that we don't carry their burden.

    Still, though, I can't deny that I'd love to see those debts gone and I'd love the cabin in the mountains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    If you had $100 million the day you turned 30 due to inheritance, selling a company you started or some other fantasy, what would you do with yourself?

    How would you spend your days? Would you be content just retiring? Would you do volunteer work? Would you work a real job or start a company, just to keep yourself busy? Start a family and simply contribute all of your extra time? What the hell would you do with yourself?

    Remember, you're 30 years old, not 50, not 20...
    I'm turning 31 on tuesday, I think a lot of people in their thirties are still in their twenties in their heads.

    Me personally, I'd totally disconnect from the internet and everything else, no TV, no radio, live like that for about a month or two and in that time just concentrate upon conditioning my body to be the way I'd totally want it to be, peak physical condition, instead of an hour now and again.

    Then I'd read every book I own and buy no more until I'd done that. Travelling the whole time, returning when I need to switch or dump books, in that time touching base with all the people who matter to me. The travelling would be solo mainly and I'd try and see all the sites of significance to the world religions, the natural wonders of the world and I figure that would take the rest of my life.

    Perhaps if that got old, I dont see it getting old though to be honest, I'd set up a private practice psychotherapy clinic and charge reduced rates so the service would be open to lower income working families. I'd like it to be a combination health spa and therapy centre with a real Zen appearence and garden plan. It could be a space for retreat for people who take time outs whe they needed them, a sanctuary.

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    On second thoughts two things I'd do would be become a touring gambler and I'd tip people, perhaps not even for doing any particular service to me but simply for being decent human beings or behaving correctly in my sight, how to do that without giving offence would be an interesting one, although I've never been able to tip because I dont have any money so it would be nice to be able to do so.

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    be a beachbum in HI or ryukyu or both
    maybe start some strange small business that i can be equally lazy at..yet sort of interested in.. like a private eye.. (grow a mustache and buy a ferrari too )
    buy an open market su-27.. just because.
    invest in whatever film aronofsky or rodriguez needs to make, but can't

    probably cashed out after that. more incoming.

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