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Thread: Deep Lyrics

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    Default Deep Lyrics

    Alot of songs out there are dull or boring or maybe they're bouncy and catchy but just don't really mean much. Most are trite love songs, or the more recent trend of babbling about the singer's own personal problems. Rarely do yeu get musics these days that have lyrics that are deep and meaningful with a strong message behind them.


    Those who do have good messages, or at least really good lines, post them here!

    Be it an excerpt from a song such as just a chorus or verse, or a full song, doesn't matter. Just post it in here =3

    I'll toss in an excerpted example to start us off ^^

    Rush - Resist

    You can surrender
    Without a prayer
    But never really pray
    Pray without surrender

    You can fight
    Fight without ever winning
    But never ever win
    Win without a fight

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    From a cool band named Neurosis.

    A Sun That Never Sets

    A sun that never sets burns on.
    New light is this river's dawn.

    When to speak of a word so old
    is to relearn what is known.
    A time to think back and move on.
    Rebuild the loves of lives long gone.

    The blood that flows through me is not my own.
    The blood is from the past, not my own.
    The blood that leads my life is not my own.
    The blood is strength, I'm not alone.

    YouTube - NEUROSIS - "A Sun That Never Sets"

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