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Thread: Contest time: Inappropriate comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tater Typhoon View Post
    I'm just going to insert a post-Civil Rights movement "negro" into everyone of those because I'm lazy. But I'm pretty sure I'm more inappropriate then all ya'll despite my laziness.
    Interesting way of making a comment offensive without actually expending much time towards crafting a purposely rude reply. Itll be far more inappropriate than even me equating godless anal sex over the ashen glow of the fallen Christian empire with notions like I see clouds in the shape of boobs.

    But try adding some variety, too. Using a single word, however offensive it may be, will lose its impact the more frequently it is used.
    Q: "What is the process of seeking the truth?"
    A: "Distilled liquor"

    Q: "If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?"
    A: "Between a starving prostitute and a steak sandwich."

    Q:How would a mathematician capture an elephant?
    A:He would build a cage, step inside, and rename his new location as "outside."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ObeyBunny View Post
    Okay, I'll add some new ones:

    1. These Bananas are on sale.
    2. My two year old made up a song about guns and knives.
    3. I look in the sky and I keep seeing clouds in the shape of boobs.
    4. Enter the darkness.
    5. What does it mean when I keep hearing my name whispered by dead animals?
    6. I had to though out another jar of mayonnaise because I found a condom at the bottom of it.
    7. I like pie.
    1. Quit being cheap and buy a Rabbit already. Besides, the "things" you do make the banana muffins taste all funky.
    2. Oh yeah, Planned Parenthood was looking for a new mascot, give them a call.
    3. I look at you and I see a boob in the shape of Freud.
    4. Reliving your conception?
    5. Ebola. Or one of those fish which swims up your urethra and gets lodged there. Either way, it's not good.
    6. Oh. I thought she was referring to some S&M business when she said she was going to get the Miracle Whip.
    7. Go play in traffic, you twit.

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