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Thread: People of value...

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    Default People of value...

    1) Have you ever went against your principles or values in life? I'm talking both in the whole picture sense and in the more detailed sense.

    I'm specially interested in what ENFPs have to say, but everyone is welcome to contribute.

    2) How did you feel about such dishonesty?
    3) Did you ever heal? Did you change to accommodate the precedent you established by doing whatever it was you did?
    4) Do/did you ever have idealistic values that are realistic unsustainable?

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    I know of two occasions were I didnt so much as go against my values in any big way but became prepared to, big style, I was stressed into the ground and felt that I was prepared to compromise all to end it, lost my autonomy almost. It did bother me big style and I had a bit of a crisis about it.

    The enneagram of my personality makes sense in a way, when I'm deteriorating the type which I am is likely to seek security or become dependent. Not good when this gets confused with the very people you need to stand up to or against.

    After the whole experience I was able to reread Orwell's 1984, diaries etc. and understan the whole business about two plus two equalling five and the like much, much better. Infact I'm unsure that people who havent been through this kind of thing have muchof a clue about what Orwell was getting at.

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