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Thread: Your heroes

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    Robin Hood, not Errol Flynn particularly. Most of my childhood.

    Flash Gordon, another childhood hero, just an all round good guy who stands up to the archetypical bullies and gets by on nothing but good intentions.

    OK, the film terrified me and I never watched it all. I watched it recently and found some of its action sequences and content more frightening than recent slasher movies, the lack of "finishing" or effects could have had something to do with it. The plot is bad and I read it was Stallones answer to being offered Beverley Hills Cop, would you believe it? I really identified with Cobra as a hero from the ZX Spectrum video game were you went around head butting villains until you found hamburgers which provided you with weapons.

    Pre-teen and teenage years.

    Classic Punisher. Not the most recent incarnation/creation of Garth Ennis et al. Not that he's not interesting too but not hero material, I understand the whole post-Watchmen pathologising of vigilante heros but when I was younger I liked black and white crime fighting and rough justice heroes.

    Teenage years to present.

    Batman, as reinvented or perhaps reformed by Tim Burton. Batman is a lot like The Punisher in my imaginings although a lot less psychotic or murderous, I dont like the recent incarnation or reinvention of Batman, the Joker's new rendering has been brilliant but The Batman himself is more like a millionaire playboy and clown. I think the greatest reason for my hero worshipping Batman has been that the can and does hold his own with many in the DC (even Marvel, Darkhorse and even 2000AD) universe, yet he's just a man, developed to the peak of his potential. The moral clarity of his character and crusade is brilliant too.

    While I think it was in no small part to do with the lack of any other socialist iconography growing up, in my teenage years I had a Che phase.

    I'm beginning to think that perhaps Orwell has been one of the greatest single influences on me and my entire life, politics, philosophy, temperament, and also someone who I reckon has been a victim of the very sorts of groupthink and historical revisionism which he satirised and wrote about.

    Not really a hero but a character which intrigues me, Hannibal Lecter, abjectly evil but ingenius too, his misanthropic philosophy of exterminating the rude is bound to chime with everyone on a bad day. I remember seeing Silence of The Lambs and not entirely understanding it as a psychological profiler flick but being intrigued by the power of Lecter who could control people with his insights, kill a neighbouring cell mate by "gas lighting" (driving him mad, simply by speaking to him), its almost like he mastered the Bena Gessert's "Voice" from Dune or was the twentieth century's answer to Bella Lugosi's mesmerising Dracula. Its probably Hopkin's character which fired my interest in Freud, Jung, all the other psychologists and analysts I've read since.

    One of my favourite psychologists, I reckon he was right about more things than he was wrong but a lot of his books are forgotten about now.

    I identify with House MD a little too much I think, especially since I've begun to think that the TV series isnt as deep and brilliant as I first thought but again a misanthropic character who may not be that bad at heart but just as you begin to believe it will do something terrible. Human is.

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    I don't really cling to real life 'heroes'... most of them don't even deserve the term, and the few who do it's still debatable based on definition.

    In terms of someone I look up to and emulate as a desire to better myself though?

    We'd have to go into fictional characters then, but I've thought of Naomi Armitage, and Seras Victoria are characters I feel I'd want to be more closely related to in how I am than I actually am. I don't see any silly reason to emulate them perfectly as a carbon copy, obviously, but I do see alot of positive traits there that I find I lack or don't believe are pronounced enough at times.

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    Refer to signature.

    Still I can accurately point out a couple of influences in specific fields.

    Music - Steven Wilson, Kevin Gilbert, Kurt Harland, Robyn Miller...
    Film - Christopher Nolan, Sam Rockwell, Robert Carlyle...
    Games - Yukio Futatsugi, Amy Hennig, Rand & Robyn Miller....

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    Nicole Kidman, post break up wth Tom, there was a woman who took very visible epic hurt and made great movies, was 100% a lady and suffered through the worst of life with grace and decorum.

    Jodie foster, because she got an edge (I think she is an INTJ), impressed by her intellegnece.

    Not really got heros in a normal way though

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    Colin Powell

    Doc Holliday
    Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.
    - Edmund Burke

    8w9 sx/so

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