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Thread: Reform of internal security forces!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    A skimming of the text revealed the form of Swift's A Modest Proposal. It wasn't difficult to decipher.
    What in particular revealed that? The fact that it was easy to decipher is a good thing in this case, I presume. Do you have any suggestions regarding what I could do to make the passage more persuasive and enticing of a read?
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    ...more tomorrow... I must go home now.

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    Well said, although I have a feeling that some of the more Objective (with a capital O) would argue that the poor and downtrodden really should just die. That is, after all, what would happen if their principles were taken to the extreme they're vying for. Some of them would argue that private charities can take up the slack, but if private charity were enough to support the downtrodden, it would never have occurred to anyone to establish social security; the downtrodden would've had all that they needed right from the start, which they don't, even with the help of social security.

    On the other hand, we do have to acknowledge that social security puts a strain on society. The more energy you funnel toward the poor, the less energy is left over for our protection, progress, and support. There is even a certain cruelty in it, in that social security robs from the rich, making them suffer, while prolonging the existence of those who suffer already.

    We feel that we owe them something, though--they're human beings, too, so that if they suffer and we have the means to stop it, we experience guilt. The only way to rid ourselves of that feeling is to stop thinking of them as human beings and cast them out of society. This is cruel, and if we do it, we risk an uprising, for the downtrodden have power in numbers, no matter how weak they are as individuals; and as the rich grow richer, standing on the backs of those below them, the rich are in graver and graver danger. They know this--every superior human being knows that the weak are his judge. The weak may revolt or they may inflict guilt, and the only way to prevent this is to treat them well, whether by making them happy as they are or by uplifting them. The person who ignores this dehumanizes others, making himself inhuman in the process, and the more inhuman he gets, the weaker becomes his strength.
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