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Thread: The year is 1300, Europe

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    I could never be a nun. That whole queen bee power structure, never having a moment alone, being fair game for sex abuse from men anyway and then having to keep quiet about it. If I had to be in a religious order back then, well I'd rather be a dude and be a hermit monk.

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    My parents having died in the great famine of 1315 and being left as a Donatus on the convent steps, I'd probably grow up to be a Poor Clare of the Order of the Poor ladies at St Agnes of Bohemia Convent in Prague before I eventually caught the black death and died, or on a happier note I'd be a middle class daughter of an Artisan named Moroni in Bergamo, Italy and probably married off to another artisan of some sort where I live a fat and happy life with 12 children.

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    I have ancestry in so many parts of Europe it's silly. Depending on the area it's farmers, monks, nobles, raiders. The only part that doesn't fit is the Japanese side with healers, retainers, farmers, and fishermen.
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    Traveling con-artist (relics for sale!) and merchant. Ancestrally, I would live anywhere in Western Europe (or right where I am now, as a Cherokee).

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