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Thread: NFs what are your thoughts on this image?

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    Thanks Jennifer, it offended my NF sensibilities to pretend it was anything other than a "wow she's hawt" thread. When I saw your "what I did this week" it made me decide to post that and hope you saw it.

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    I wasn't expecting the "image" to move, or be in slowmo. First thought: WTH? Is she shapeshifting? Kinda freaky.
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    I thought she was pretty and that she is aware of being filmed and of being the object of attention. I think she often has her image recorded and so she tends to be aware of her expressions. It seemed like artfully constructed candidness.
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    My first thoughts: She's attractive and knows her assets, knows how to work them. Confident. Knows she is on camera. Baiting.

    My second thoughts: Isn't this Fluffy zone fodder? Unless Super can explain anything beyond that for the existence of this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPER View Post
    NFs what are your thoughts on this image?

    1. I wonder if she's had a nose job?
    2. That's a weird first thought, hmmm...I should get a nose job...
    3. She's very pretty but I don't think the hairdo is really doing her justice, it looks too sloppy.
    4. Darker hair colour doesn't really look that good on me.
    5. Is she embarrassed or loving the attention...oh she knows she's hot.
    6. Who is she...WHOA...SUPER changed his avatar...hmmm...Kangirl has a similar one...
    7. I have a crappy Internet connection.
    8. She must be a celebrity...must find that out.
    9. Ooohh...I love her necklace.
    10. What are they watching?
    11. The jacket has a nice colour.
    12. Olympics start this Saturday...
    13. That guy in the back has a red shirt...really stands out...

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    My thoughts were sth like this:
    -Oh, it`s this kind of picture, I was expecting sth like a rohrschach test picture
    -why is it moving so slow?
    -the image of Janice Dickinson popped into my mind...a less deformed more natural version of her
    -she`s pretty
    -does she have a scar below her eyebrow or is it just shaped that way? I kinda like scars.
    -the way she looks away after the lip thing makes me think she`s feeling embarassed and/or self-conscious
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