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Thread: facebook?

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    Only true if you add them. I ignore friend requests from people I don't like.

    I don't have that many friends on there, but they are all chosen or accepted because I like them and want to keep the lines of communication open.

    I know people with loads of friends, and they are always complaining that they never used to like this one or that one, and I'm always baffled why they accepted the friends request if they felt so strongly about it.

    I would have just told them to "f- off", I've done that before when I got an old and unwelcome friend request.
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    I deleted my facebook page-which then prompted my facebook friends to email me.

    I responded:
    "You may have noticed I am no longer your facebook friend, facebook friends. Trust me. It’s me not you….I found my facebook relationship with you, in particular, of all my facebook friends, to be incredibly rewarding, facebook friend.

    As it turns out I am far too crazy to have a facebook page. I thought this might be the case. After a few days of posting notes back and forth to family about “oh, how cute the kids look” and “hey what are you doing on Saturday? Wanna go out?” I got a little bored. Then I started to think “wouldn’t it be funny?....”.

    This is typically when I should retreat from said activity-such as email-as things are destined to quickly spiral into an LSD like pool of rainbow acid flash back silliness combined with horrifyingly sarcastic giggles. I was born to run my own chocolate factory I’m afraid… (Where is Johnny Depp when I need a boyfriend?)

    Anyways, rest assured facebook friend, that I have not forgotten you. In between being my own one-man Manufacturing and Shipping Department and strategical murkating group, I will occasionally think fondly upon our time together.

    Please email me, as that way my company will have a semi-permanent record of the gibberish I am so capable of producing. One day I might be famous, who knows?"

    This also works as a tool to sort facebook friends from real friends as the facebook friends just got offended. lalalalalaaaa.......

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    I've just looked at my unused Facebook page. And I have decided I might start to use it.

    So I guess the first thing is that I will limit it to friends. But then who would I like as friends?

    Yesterday I had two nice interactions both with people who have known me for years. The first was with Jovan the artist and the second was with a young Vietnamese student. In both cases we shared a moment of rapport.

    So I guess I would like friends with whom I share rapport.

    And the next thing is that I would like to make and share videos. I would like to make a video every day and post it on Facebook.

    I find this very exciting but I don't know where it would go.

    There are other things like Twitter and Seemic connected to Facebook. But I don't know what to do with either.

    I think I have learnt an awful lot about the internet on Typology Central, and perhaps it is time to move into Facebook.

    It's a little scary. I bit like stage fright. But exciting and involving as well.

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