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Thread: Regret

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    Quote Originally Posted by ENTJ Extraordinaire View Post
    I have been doing a little soul searching at the moment, and i keep finding regrets that i never know i had.

    That's really not a healthy thing to do, IMO. Almost sounds like you're trying to dig up old stuff you can worry about.
    I try not to regret - can't be changed anyway and don't look back to make you feel bad a second time - which doesn't mean that I always succeed. Of course I've done some pretty daft things in the past and will continue to do so, but hindsight is 20/20 and I'd rather forgive myself than regret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avis View Post

    That's really not a healthy attitude, IMO. Almost sounds like you're trying to dig up old stuff you can worry about.
    Not necessarily. To me it seems like Extraordinaire is regretting something she has been but also in some way still is. I think the regret is there to motivate the necessary change. And if she can see much of her past being influenced by her flaw, then she is sure to have enough motivation to go through the necessary steps to get rid of the unwanted feature.

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    I have many regrets, I'd need a whole thread dedicated to me just to write them all up. The biggest regret that I find myself thinking about now, is being an overly rebellious teenager who didn't understand the wisdom people older and wiser than me, tried to give me.

    I see the repreat cycle as teens close to me ignore my advice lol and I remember with intense regret that I was one of those types once, and where it led me to in life.
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    i regret losing valuable friendships. i regret sleeping with someone. i regret being fucked up and trashed the time i got jumped (it was my fault). i regret the last words i ever told my brother before he died was when i yelled at him to shut the fuck up when all he needed was someone to be there for him

    i think regrets can be painful and eat you alive. it keeps you from living and cherishing what is good in your life. always know theres someone out there whos got it worse than you. dont be so hung up about things that happen. things happen for a reason and its all apart of life. you just have to learn to deal with them and carry on
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    I don't have any regrets, that I can think of.
    I can have "instant regrets", but looking at the big picture, everything I have done so far has made me who I am, and I quite like myself. Also, regretting something is a negative way of looking at the past. I'd much rather look at it as a learning experience and a chance to do things better in the future. I don't spend time on regretting things. If I don't like the way things are, I either do something to change them or I get over myself.

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    My regrets. Mainly I regret wasting so much time on dwelling on things and holding on to these past mistakes, going over and over the things I should have, could have and would have done differently. These thoughts come and go, they don't dominate my mind on a daily basis. But they can start dominating when I'm in a weaker mindset at a particular time, so I just think, introspect and try to get over them.

    But I do something similar to what nolla described. I can't say that the regrets are eliminated but I can value the lessons I've learned from making mistakes even if I they still do linger with me from time to time. I still keep on learning from them. And they've definitely made me the person I am right now. I'm certainly not the best me that I can be at the moment but I have hope for the future. And I will continue on making mistakes and having regrets and hopefully learning from them.

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    I have charted the course(s) long ago and I am wokring in that direction(s).
    So if I get there everything will be fine and if I don't everything will be fine.
    Also I am quite skeptical about the concept of free will.

    So in the end I don't regret anything actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Perhaps you knew it was there and liked it... there, which is why you can now recognize a change in dynamic. We are in tuned to that which is important to us. A past position can be noted as important for what exists and in what context, though our recognizing it does not change various outcomes. There are usually very good reasons for not having awareness. At least imo, as I know little gets past me to begin with.
    I used to believe that there was little that got past me either, I can only recommend you don't get complacent, you never know when fate decides to bite back! Otherwise, your words are wise, looking back, I am sure I realised that it was all occuring, I was just blinded by love and beautiful thoughts of future to alter course. The hard times now were the lead up to something wonderful in my eyes.

    Quote Originally Posted by nolla View Post
    Not necessarily. To me it seems like Extraordinaire is regretting something she has been but also in some way still is. I think the regret is there to motivate the necessary change. And if she can see much of her past being influenced by her flaw, then she is sure to have enough motivation to go through the necessary steps to get rid of the unwanted feature.
    Firstly Nolla, ENTJ Extraordinaire is male, believe it or not. I know the avatar says otherwise :P

    Secondly, I would like to point out my first post,

    Quote Originally Posted by ENTJ Extraordinaire View Post
    So come now, one and all, and spill the beans, what is it that you regret most about your time here on this green earth. Maybe we can all experience a little healing, and a little improvement from the process. Otherwise, could make for a nice little pity party!
    This whole thread was started with the hopes of moving through my own regrets and carrying on. So yes, you are right, I guess the best way to deal with regret it so analyse it, scrutinise it, and learn from it, so you can move forward that much stronger. Thats the plan anyway! GROUP HUG!
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    My regrets are letting my feelings (namely fear) get in way of my better judgment. Other than that, no regrets.
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    I tend to not regret anything. I simply recognize that if things didn't transpire however they did then i wouldn't have my current life. Of course it could be better, but even at a low point i'm not going to wish i did something differently that would potentially affect the entire course of my existence.

    Hm. Also, i view regrets as things you would want to change if given the chance. I have something that comes close, but i wouldn't change it.
    I heavily mistreated a significant other when i was 15-18. I couldn't embrace my feelings for him or completely trust his feelings for me so it caused a chain reaction of cheating and manipulation on both ends (but worse on mine). It hurt him immensely and maybe even caused permanent damage to his views of relationships and love.
    For myself, i wouldn't change it even if i loved him and still do. For him, i wish it had gone differently.
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