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    Or maybe you just want to ride your man with the idea of breeding him (like a carrot in front of the horses mouth), back to something having to do with you?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Or maybe you just want to ride your man with the idea of breeding him (like a carrot in front of the horses mouth), back to something having to do with you?


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    2.) In this desert there is a cube.
    What does the cube look like? How big is it? What's it made of (if you can tell)? What color is it? What kind of texture does it have? Is it above, below, or bisecting the horizon? Is it sitting on the sand, or in some other position? How close or far is it from you?

    The cube looks like the one from half life except it's black and made of hard plastic and iron. It's smooth and rough on the iron caps on its edges. It floats and spins in multiple directions above the earth adjacent to the horizon, maybe slightly above it. It's close enough to see but not touch without walking up to it and leaping to touch it.

    Before you go on, write down 5 adjectives describing your cube - the mood it conveys as well as its physical qualities.


    3.) In this desert there is also a ladder.
    Where is it located in relation to the cube? What is it made of? What position is it in? Does it have many rungs? A few rungs? Approximately how many rungs?

    the ladder floats above the cube, it's made of wood, it's totally vertical, it has 8-10 rungs.

    4.) In this desert there now appears... a horse.
    What kind of horse? What color? Where is the horse? Does it have on a saddle or bridle? And if so, what kind? Also be sure to imagine how it relates to the cube and the ladder. And since this is a living object, what action might it be doing right now?

    normal? horse. dark chocolate brown. no saddle. It doesn't relate to the cube or ladder, it's just standing off in the distance.

    5.) Now, somewhere in the desert there is a storm.
    What kind of storm is this? Where do you see it? Does it affect the cube, the ladder, the horse, or not? If so, how?

    I already imagined there to be a storm of sorts, a lot of wind and ambience and dark green/teal clouds. The winds sweep past them but besides that, no.

    6.) And, finally, in this desert there are flowers.
    Where are they in relation to the cube, the ladder, the horse, the storm? What kind are they? Are they many, or a few? What color? Scattered or clustered?

    no relation, scattered, tiny little purple flowers, sparse and spread far but many.

    afterword: fairly accurate I guess. especially the horse.

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