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Thread: How to Effectively Troll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild horses View Post
    OK, I have to admit that I have never even truely understood what trolling is... The only thing I know abou tit is it is one of the symptoms of a terminal illness here that finally results in being banned! Forum rules are a mystery to me and conventions may as well be non-existent!
    Did you spell "tit" on purpose?

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    HAHAHAHA No... I will change it but anyone who knows me here, knows that I have a serious repulsion to editing my posts But... just for you... it's done!
    ... couldn't drag me away

    Željko Ražnatovic: argus
    Željko Ražnatovic: do you want heir's?
    Željko Ražnatovic: to carry your genealogical code??

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