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Thread: Morrissey sings your life - 16 types described with a Moz lyric

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    "Oh, one fine day
    Let it be soon
    She won't be rich or beautiful
    But she'll be walking your streets
    In the clothes that she went out
    And chose for herself."

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    A bit of a stretch....


    I will be
    In the bar
    With my head
    On the bar
    I am now
    A central part
    Of your mind's landscape
    Whether you care
    Or do not
    Yeah, I've made up your mind

    The more you ignore me
    The closer I get
    You're wasting your time
    The more you ignore me
    The closer I get
    You're wasting your time

    Beware !
    I bear more grudges
    Than lonely high court judges
    When you sleep
    I will creep
    Into your thoughts
    Like a bad debt
    That you can't pay
    Take the easy way
    And give in


    Oh, here is London
    "Home of the brash, outrageous and free"
    You are repressed
    But you're remarkably dressed
    Is it real?
    And you're always busy

    Really busy
    Busy, busy
    Oh, hairdresser on fire
    All around Sloane Square
    And you're just so busy
    Busy, busy
    Busy scissors
    Oh, hairdresser on fire
    (Only the other day)


    Sleep on and dream of love
    Because it's the closest you will
    Get to love
    Poor twisted child
    So ugly, so ugly
    Poor twisted child
    Oh hug me, oh hug me
    One November
    Spawned a monster
    In the shape of this child
    Who later cried :

    But Jesus made me, so
    Jesus save me from
    Pity, sympathy
    And people discussing me
    A frame of useless limbs
    What can make good
    All the bad that's been done ?

    And if the lights were out
    Could you even bear
    To kiss her full on the mouth
    (or anywhere?)


    "David, the wind blows
    The wind blows
    Bits of your life away
    Your friends all say
    "Where is our boy? Oh, we've lost our boy"
    But they should know
    Where you've gone
    Because again and again you've explained that
    You're going to

    Oh, you're going to
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    'England for the English!
    England for the English!' "


    First day with the jar
    You find
    Everyone lies
    First day with the jar
    You find
    Everyone lies, nobody minds

    Everyone lies
    Where is the man you respect?
    And where is the woman you love?
    Where's the woman you love?


    I want to leave, you will not miss me
    I want to go down in musical history

    Fame, fame, fatal fame
    It can play hideous tricks on the brain
    But still I'd rather be famous
    Than righteous or holy, any day
    Any day, any day


    "Always looking for attention
    Always needs to be mentioned
    Who does she
    Think she should be?
    The shrill cry through darkening air
    Doesn't she know he's
    Had such a busy day?

    It was only a test
    But she swam too far
    Against the tide
    She deserves all she gets
    The sky became marked with stars
    As an out-stretched arm slowly


    Spring-heeled Jim winks an eye
    He'll "do", he'll never be "done to"
    He takes on whoever flew through
    "Well, it's the normal thing to do"

    Spring-heeled Jim lives to love
    Now kissing with his mouth full
    And his eyes on some other fool
    So many women
    His head should be spinning
    Ah, but no!
    Ah, but no!
    But no!
    Ah, no!

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    E1 (?)

    Belligerent ghouls
    Run Manchester schools

    Spineless swines
    Cemented minds


    And people who are uglier than you and I
    They take what they need, and just leave

    E5 (?)

    You say : "'Ere thrice the sun done salutation to the dawn"
    And you claim these words as your own
    But I've read well, and I've heard them said
    A hundred times (maybe less, maybe more)
    If you must write prose/poems
    The words you use should be your own
    Don't plagiarise or take "on loan"


    A world war
    Was announced
    Days ago
    But they didn't know
    The lazy sunbathers
    The lazy sunbathers

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    When you cycled by
    Here began all my dreams
    The saddest thing I've ever seen
    And you never knew
    How much I really liked you
    Because I never even told you
    Oh, and I meant to


    I wear black on the outside
    'Cause black is how I feel on the inside
    I wear black on the outside
    'Cause black is how I feel on the inside

    And if I seem a little strange
    Well, that's because I am
    If I seem a little strange
    That's because I am

    But I know that you would like me
    If only you could see me
    If only you could meet me

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    Thanks for reviving this! Love the enneagram additions
    "Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself. But it's always with love - So much love it looks like everything else. Charlotte Sometimes - So far away, glass sealed and pretty." - The Cure

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