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Thread: Company of Myself

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    I identify with the puzzles in a certain way in that I also solve my problems alone, sometimes quite creatively, and always without depending on others.

    But I didn't quite identify with the depressing sadness in the game, in that I solve problems for fun, not neccesarily neccesity. And even when neccesary, I try to have fun in doing so. :p

    In the level where you sacrifice the girl I chuckled though. But when reading the end story I kinda regret having chuckled. :P

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    I hardly know what my own company is like anymore.
    My home has been compromised by people for over a year. Unemployed, lazy people who always exist in the same rooms as me and have little-to-no social lives.
    I wish i had the company of myself. It starts out saddened and then opens up to amusing/content, but i rarely have enough time to deal with the sad bits.

    Bah humbug.
    I've also never lived by myself. I'm curious what that will be like.
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