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Thread: Sense, this thread makes none (or, MBTI googlisms)

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    "Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about istp yet."

    Nor is this likely to change anytime soon.

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    I read the enfp list aloud and was reminded of the narrative that begins Trainspotting

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    estj is attracted to the dis
    Alright, where's the dis? Report her to me immediately!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu View Post
    intj is full of hypocrisy

    intp is that they tend to put off decision
    intp is lol

    infj is dragged along on the family vacation

    infp is least likely to be married and have the lowest household income
    infp is my new excuse

    Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about istj yet.
    Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about istp yet.

    isfj is more than enough for me

    isfp is orgastic

    entj is wrong

    entp is a very good joke
    entp is green

    enfj is best described as a "smooth talking persuader
    enfj is interpersonally adept

    enfp is that you are not good at looking at the logical consequences of the possibilities

    estj is outspoken

    estp is located in the very central part of paris and many sites are at a walking distance from its premises

    esfj is a dangerous person

    esfp is the total opposite of intj
    esfp is a very emotional type
    esfp is operated by the district's department of human services; the ea program is operated by the us
    My faves

    "Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves,
    who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad
    memories and allow themselves to be provoked this
    easily -- weak people, in other words -- they stand no chance."
    -Severus Snape

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