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    Quote Originally Posted by soccerjunkie1996 View Post
    This sums up my thoughts on this, especially the bold parts. I mean, granted I wouldn't really want constant feedback on what people think of me, but an occasional mention of that kind of thing would be really helpful.

    I wonder 'cause of those reasons that were bolded. I don't mean to be the cold hearted bitch I come off as, but I really honestly don't know what I say or do that makes people think that most of the time. I need the feedback plz.
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    I think some friends of mine perceive me to be an "Artist", but I never claimed anything of the sort. They then hold me to the standard, and sometimes get disappointed if I don't show my work.

    I think my parents consider me highly intelligent, when I'm far from it. They then hold me to that standard, and are disappointed I don't "do" anything with it.

    I think some women imagine I'm "Hans and Franz", when in fact, I'm quite the girly man at times. ;D They hold me to a standard I never claimed to be, and then I get crap for it.

    ..I would rather be taken on my own terms. I hate disappointing people, but I'm not changing into something they want. That road leads to insanity.

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    When I was younger, I cared very much what other people thought about me. Now? Not at all. I have brains, and heart, and I know what I can do better than a stranger.
    Trying to anticipate other people's opinions requires just too much processor power for me, and causes too much stress.

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    Not usually - a benefit of being a die hard extrovert?! I care if my actions/words hurt someone, of course, always. Other than that, not usually.

    When I do, it's related to what's going on in my life that causes the insecurity that leads me to look outside for validation.

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    I could be very off, but I thought extroverts... ENFP's in particular, feed off of.. err.. feedback, and might be in danger of even losing themselves by accommodating others (I mean, if it was unhealthy).

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