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Thread: Create a new word or definition!

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    Default Create a new word or definition!

    Ever make up your own words or use a word differently than most people? Share them here... if they aren't good, at least make them silly.

    "Roofed" [rewf-t]
    (1) The emotional crash that follows a high-point common of those who are bi-polar. (2) Pain or injury resulting from jumping so high you hit your head on something above you. (3) Waking up and realizing someone put roofies in your drink after a night of fun.

    "You look awful, are you okay?"
    "Naw, I had a crazy night last night and now I'm roofed"

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    "Gription" [grip-shun]
    1. The ability to cling to what is necessary to accomplish a given physical endeavor.

    "He wouldn't have fallen off his surfboard if he had better gription."

    2. Sufficient hand strength to open a bottle of beer.

    "Can anyone spare some gription and open this bottle of beer?"

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    bedredged (be-DREAD-ged)

    1. to feel used and unimportant

    "The dredge operator felt bedredged over his long hours and low pay"
    ...Then I ducked my head and the lights went out, and two guns blazed in the dark;
    And a woman screamed, and the lights went up, and two men lay stiff and stark...

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    hapfeelings (hahp-FEE-lenghs)

    1. To be persistently critical of a specific aspect of one's own appearance.

    "Do I look all right in this shirt? I'm worried it makes my shoulders look too wide."

    "You ask that EVERY time you try on a new shirt. Relax, you've just got hapfeelings about your shoulders. You've been like that ever since that jealous nerd told you you look like a football player even without shoulderpads."

    2. To feel possessed with long-term creative zeal owing to a mundane occurrance; to be inspired by the seemingly trivial.

    "A bird just pooped on my head. Oh my goodness, I just got hapfeelings! Now I must paint a series of 48 pictures depicting a fantasy world in which birds have enslaved humans!"

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    Sounds like it is spelled but must be pronounced with 70's Foxy Brown zeal and attitude.

    The process of removing body odor and refreshing one's self by means of bathing with water and fruity or floral body wash, where using shampoo is also a symbolic washing of the mind by getting rid of negative stinky thoughts and the oily residue of the man and his flawed uncaring system.


    Sounds like- wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more.

    The traits and characteristics of the Perceptive personality classification in Meyer's Briggs.
    Me and hubby made an RPG Nutrition Game
    Play and Vote July 14th to Aug 14th

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