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Thread: Social Separation

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    Women and people with children do not tend to want to put out their personal information for safety reasons. There are crazies out there.

    In addition to that, on a more personal level, both my family of origin and my in-laws are somewhat anxious religious and political conservatives and I am halfway in the closet about my political beliefs with them in order to save myself, but more especially my husband, grief.

    But it also gets old being muzzled, so it's nice to have an outlet where nobody is going to freak and think I hate Jesus because I don't think national health care is government plot to kill old people or that Obama is the anti-christ.
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    I actually really appreciate your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by persianness View Post
    I came here because I wanted to seek knowledge, and understanding about MBTI and various other things.

    ... I see my stay here as a personal reassurance that this is the way I am - therefore it comes off as reference to what I am doing in the future. Other than that, it does not come in the way of my personal life, and I am happy to share information with (fellow) members around here, and make friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argus2968 View Post
    Allow me Fe all over you!
    Okay, okay, now this thread is getting out of hand!!!

    * * * *

    ... some good explanations here.

    Plus, just remember -- since you're on a personality site -- people have different personalities.

    Some are a lot tighter with personal info than others. Imagine the sp variant of Enneagram, or Oldhan's Vigilant type, or some of the INFJs and others who are naturally more protective and want to keep a boundary up between this and their real world. Even within types there can be variations on this.
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    I always compartmentalize my life. On the whole, people from here are not the same people that know about my blog or know me in real life. I like the anonymity of each part of my life so that I can speak freely. There are always a few exceptions, people I become close to that are privy to all of it. But it's definitely the exception.
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    I don't know what the problem is .. I think i just enjoy talking to people. I have one person on here as a Facebook friend, i have webcammed with another person, emailed another.

    I am just a very social animal (cougar).

    I am as honest on here as i am in real life .. Actually that is a lie, i am more cautious on here as i don't want to tread on peoples toes and possibly upset them. My friends see the real non PC/say it how it is me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Argus2968 View Post

    It's all my life. I don't see the boundaries.

    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
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    When I had a username that was specific (i.e., not a recognizable word but a name), a family member googled me when she found out what it was. She made a joke as to some things I'd said on a forum I used to frequent. It was a frustrating experience and felt like my privacy had been invaded - not because she looked me up, but because she essentially used personal information against me as a joke.

    For those who simply wish to know, to communicate and connect, I am free with information. But having a place wherein I may discuss anything - even highly personal topics - and not have others' preconceptions about me get in the way nearly as much as they would in real life... that is priceless, for me. This place is focussed on the sharing of ideas, viewpoints and experiences - with a lot of socializing thrown in.

    There is something to be said for interacting with others based on your mind alone, as opposed to what package you come in - old or young, male or female, black, tan, one-eyed flying purple people eater.

    It doesn't have to be all the time - I don't mind others knowing things about me, here - but it can be refreshing, at times.

    This place combines the ability to be highly personal in what one shares and maintain a certain anonymity at the same time. I can see why some would wish to keep that.

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    My initial instinct is to be friendly, share everything about me, and let loose. But I've learned some very difficult lessons after having run into some very nutty and/or nasty people (some of whom are related to me), so I try to be less open until I feel secure that the person I'm sharing info with isn't a nutjob, control-freak, sociopath, manipulator, etc.

    And like others have said, some people are just more private than others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argus2968 View Post
    What the hell is up with people on this forum being so incredibly paranoid about social networking leakage?

    What I mean is, I feel like people make this forum a bubble.
    I understand if it just never comes up. But when people make a conscious effort to avoid, for instance, having other members of this forum also follow them on twitter, or be their Facebook friend, or know a single thing about them outside this forum (read: control environment) it makes me feel like they have something to hide or are hiding from something.

    This is more of a senseless rant.

    I guess I don't really understand "not having your personal stuff floating out there on the web where anyone can get a hold of it" out side of SSN's and addresses.
    Do you go outside?

    The admin's can delete close this thread if they like, but I'm genuinely wondering.

    I don't have a Facebook/myspace/other social networking account and I don't plan to. I want my life private and what I wish to share here I will. I have children and a family and I have no desire to give anyone who feels like it the means to find out anything more about me than I tell them myself. It's not paranoid. It's the simple fact that I like my privacy and I am responsible for my children in the same way. You don't have to understand it but treating people who don't want their life to be an open book like they have the problem is rather rude and pushy of you.

    And yes I go outside daily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argus2968 View Post
    I guess I don't really understand "not having your personal stuff floating out there on the web where anyone can get a hold of it" out side of SSN's and addresses.
    Do you go outside?
    I agree, it makes no sense. Things like pictures, for instance, can be personal but complete strangers see us face to face all the time. If someone asks your name, would you make something up? These people can also assume you not only live in the vicinity, but they know exactly where you are at that moment! Yet some people shy away from sharing their real name, location, etc. on the internet.

    someone should have no more reason to fear any of these people than they would the strangers walking the sidewalk in front of their house. One is not more likely to have ill intent towards you than the other.

    unless someone plans on being a hermit then they might as well forget about hiding most of this information from anyone. If I'm not mistaken, statistics show that crimeslike robbery and rape are most often commited by people we know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    I can guess that since this forum is not merely a place for lighthearted and casual discussion and that people share so much of themselves here, things that they might not be willing to share with people who know them
    Someone in this forum revealed a "friend" jerked off their dog.
    Then someone asked them if they tasted the dog's secretion.

    The forumites here are easily the most unusual I've seen on the net.
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